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The Greatest Albums of the 2000s - Final Results!


Over the course of several weeks, thousands of SoulTrackers nominated and then voted on the Greatest Soul Albums of the 2000s. The results were a great selection of essential albums for Soul Music lovers.  You can click on the album covers below to listen to or purchase the CDs at 


1. Jill Scott

 2. Eric Benet 

3. Ledisi

 4. Lalah Hathaway 

5. India.Arie

6. Rahsaan Patterson 

7. Sade

8. Jill Scott 

9. John Legend

10. Anthony Hamilton

11. Erykah Badu

12. Frank McComb 

13. Luther Vandross

14. Alicia Keys

15. Robin Thicke

16. D'Angelo

17.  Floetry

18. Mary J Blige

19. Usher

20.  Will Downing


21 Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor
22 Raphael Saadiq - The Way I See It
23 Kem - Kemistry
24 Musiq - Soulstar
25 Chrisette Michele - I Am
26 Raheem DeVaughn - Love Experience
27 Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
28 Chaka Khan - Funk This
29 Joss Stone - Soul Sessions
30 Kindred - Surrender to Love
31 Aaliyah - Aaliyah
32 Angie Stone - The Art of Love and War
33 Lucy Pearl - Lucy Pearl
34 Vivian Green - A Love Story
35 Heather Headley - This Is Who I Am
36 The Rebirth - This Journey In
37 Maysa - Out of the Blue
38 Rachelle Ferrell - Individuality
39 Carl Thomas - Emotional
40 Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless
41 Van Hunt - Van Hunt
42 Dwele - Subject
43 Amel Larrieux - Infinite Possibilities
44 R Kelly - Chocolate Factory
45 Donnie - The Colored Section
46 Anita Baker - My Everything
47 Beyonce - Dangerously In Love
48 Bilal - 1st Born Second
49 Common - Like Water for Chocolate
50 Leela James - A Change Is Gonna Come
51 Jaheim - Still Ghetto
52 Sy Smith - Conflict
53 Lizz Wright - Salt
54 Keyshia Cole - Just Like You
55 Kindred - In This Life Together
56 Tweet - Southern Hummingbird
57 Al Green - Lay It Down
58 Raul Midon - State of Mind
59 Goapele - Closer
60 Incognito - Bees + Things + Flowers
61 Tamia - Between Friends
62 Syleena Johnson - Chapter Two: the Voice
63 Ne-Yo - Year of the Gentleman
64 Toni Braxton - The Heat
65 Donell Jones - Life Goes On
66 Eric Roberson - Left
67 Faith Evans - The First Lady
68 Eric Roberson - The Appetizer
69 Chante Moore - Love the Woman
70 Keyshia Cole - A Different Me
71 Remy Shand - The Way I Feel
72 Trina Broussard - Same Girl
73 Conya Doss - Still...
74 Michael Jackson - Invincible
75 Labelle - Back to Now
76 Anthony David - Red Clay Chronicles
77 Angela Johnson - A Woman's Touch
78 Brian McKnight - Gemini
79 Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
80 Algebra - Purpose
81 Phil Perry - My Book of Love
82 Conya Doss - A Poem about Ms. Doss
83 Yahzarah - Blackstar
84 Glenn Lewis - World Outside My Window
85 Kevon Edmonds - 24/7
86 Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - 100 Days 100 Nights
87 N'Dambi - Tunin' Up and Cosignin
88 Brandy - Afrodisiac
89 Javier - Javier
90 Jaguar Wright - Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul
91 Adele - 19
92 Boyz II Men - Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya
93 Fertile Ground - Seasons Change
94 Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind
95 Monet - Essence
96 PJ Morton - Emotions
97 Jiva - Day Into Night
98 Nikka Costa - Pebble to a Pearl
99 Julie Dexter - Dexterity
100 Lina - Stranger on This Earth


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i have to say, I thought

i have to say, I thought that the 2000s wouldn't have enough good albums to do this, but I had already forgotten about a lot of these. Not as good as the 70s & 80s, but pretty good anyway.

There are some people here I

There are some people here I wouldn't have put in, like Robin Thicke, but you also made me happy with PJ Morton, Chante and PPP. There are more artists I hadn't heard of in the other polls, but I'm gonna check them out.

I think that the polls for

I think that the polls for the 90's and the 00's confirm that the standard of soul music has dropped since the 80's. Either that or the average age of people voting in the polls is the wrong side of 40! Great to see Jill Scott top of the poll. Her first album is probably the best of this decade so far.

Thanks Chris for providing the opportunity for us to share our musical tastes through these polls.


Wow! So far the ladies have

Wow! So far the ladies have #1, 2, 3 and 4!



I am so happy to to that

I am so happy to to that Soul Tracks is giving Syleena her just do, for so long she has beunderrated overlooked, she has great talent, great writing skills, she is one of the best singers in the industry in the past and present and surely the future. You

I am so happy to to that

I am so happy to to that Soul Tracks is giving Syleena her just do, for so long she has beunderrated overlooked, she has great talent, great writing skills, she is one of the best singers in the industry in the past and present and surely the future. The 2000 ablum chapter 2 was the best cd then and can be today because the stupid jive records did not market her or promote her, she is the best singer.

I was very disappointed in

I was very disappointed in the selection of albums to vote for since many great artist's albums were missing.
To name a few: Shirley Brown - Unleashed; Full Flava - Chinese Whispers; Ruby Turner - So Amazing. Somebody didn't do their homework in selecting the albums. There should have been a place for write-ins. Many of the albums to be voted for just barely made the grade and were quickly forgotten. Let's face it, they're not making music like they used to.

Thanks for your comments. We

Thanks for your comments. We took nominations from readers for two weeks and none of the albums you mention were nominated by anyone, though they're definitely very good albums. When doing an entire decade it's always tough to get everyone's favorite. Thanks.

I'm really surprised that

I'm really surprised that The Emancipation of Mimi- Mariah Carey wasn't nommed.

I just notice that one major

I just notice that one major band is missing for the poll ....... LES NUBIANS: Princesses Nubiennes !!!!

I feel very confused by this

I feel very confused by this list. I think it's way less objective than the previous decades since we still are in the 2000s, unlike the 70's, 80's or 90's. Thus, many albums from this list are here just because they are recent and still get the attention just because of this but I'm sure that many albums from the list would be absent if the list was made 10 years from now. One stunning example for me is Eric Benét's Love & Life. Make no mistake, I love Eric Benét, he's one of my fave artists for what he did in the 90's but I'm quite shocked than his first album True To Myself wasn't ranked very high in the 90's charts and even more than his masterpiece A Day In The Life was totally absent. These two albums were infinitely better and more memorable than his latest offering Love & Life, which, while not being bad (and at least definitely better than his very tepid adult contemporary-oriented Hurricane), is merely a good album that certainly doesn't deserve such a high position, especially when I see that a classic such as Voodoo is only #19. I agree all of this is very subjective but I can't help thinking this list is biased by the lack of retreat we've got when we deal with this current decade. Btw, sorry for my English, I'm French lol

Y'know, I'm gonna agree with

Y'know, I'm gonna agree with JazzyFunkyCool to a point...I definately think there's a few ALBUMS on this list (that's what we're rating, right?) that are likely benefitting from the voter's feelings towards previous albums by the same artist. However, I think such things are unavoidably going to always play at least a small part in any survey such as this one. The system doesn't have to be perfect in order to be telling (and fun, for that matter!).

All that said, I'm having a REALLY hard time choosing!

This is really neat! So glad

This is really neat! So glad to see Eric Benet's "Love & Life" on here! Eric is my favorite!

I also see Javier-Javier on this. JUST saw it actually! "Left of Center" should be here as well! OH and Matt Cusson!

I just notice that one

I just notice that one major
Princesse Helene - May 20th, 2009

I just notice that one major band is missing for the poll ....... LES NUBIANS: Princesses Nubiennes !!!!


Here are a few more I would

Here are a few more I would have liked to have seen:

"Now" by Maxwell
"After Hours" by Rahsaan Patterson
"Gold Coast" by Rhian Benson
"8701" by Usher (which I actually liked betther than "Confessions"
"Let's Talk About It" by Carl Thomas
"Instant Vintage" by Raphael Saadiq
"Body Kiss" by the Isley Brothers
"Pure" by Boney James
"Outrun the Sky" by Lalah Hathaway
"Musicology" by Prince
"Tonight" by Silk
"Grown & Sexy" by Babyface
"Unpredictable" by Jamie Foxx
"Living the Luxury Brown" by Mint Condition
"Ghetto Revelations: II" by Urban Mystic

The 80's and the 90's were

The 80's and the 90's were the best decades for me when it comes to music. I don't enjoy most of the CD's recorded in the 2000's because most of them usually have 3 or 4 nice tracks and the rest is just..........

Unless I'm missing

Unless I'm missing something, I don't understand how Ralphael Saadiq's "Gospeldelic" album didn't make this list at all. Can someone please help me there? Definitely one of the best and most creative albums of the'00s. Just wondering.


Wayne Brady's freshman

Wayne Brady's freshman effort should have been on the ballot. "A Long Time Coming" was a masterpiece and is not getting the airplay and honors it deserves.

I also am partial to the unique sound of "Solange presents Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams". Too bad it wasn't at least nominated. It was and is a great set of music.

And I don't remember checking Ne-Yo's set but I see it on the list after-the-fact. Mr. Ne-Yo I may have overlooked voting for you -- but if I did I am sorry (SMILE)

Can't wait to see the results.

I Tweet @OldSchlMusicLvr because I love music!

First - I must apologize for

First - I must apologize for not adding in my voice in a timely manner -maybe if I had these unsung artists listed below would have gotten some shine. Nonetheless, I would put forward these future-pointing works that for me sum up the best of real modern soul music:

Peven Everett, a prolific/masterful/profound independent artist out of Chicago. In my mind, he has released 5 masterpieces over the last three years that rival the work of the greats of the past:
*Power Soul
*Reflections of Misconception
*Beyond the Universe
*Dear Europe
Peven represents the best of the spirit of Soul music. He epitomizes and invigorates the genre.

Terri Walker -
Untitled (the little brit soul album that did and still does)

Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon, Jr. aka KDJ
Black Mahogani - a true masterpiece of the 21st Century. KDJ brings a love of soul and groove, inspired by the landscapes of the Detroit ghettos. He fuses in 3 minutes an encyclopedia's worth of black music history while keeping your booty moving.

Lewis Taylor
Lewis II -- the enigmatic blue-eyes soul, anguished genius who has left the music industry because he couldn't find a fit. He has soul pouring out of his ears.

Any of these merit a place of honor.


None of those cds above

None of those cds above Frank Mcomb is better than the Love Stories cd, why doesnt R. Kelly or Musiq who has been the most consistent hav atleast 1 cd in the top

Missing albums from list I

Missing albums from list

I was surprised that Angie Stone's 'Mahogany Soul' album did not make the list.

Also I was surprised about the Syleena Johnson choice as I thought people would have gone for her 'Chapter 1' album instead, having said that I do think Chapter 2 contained her most soulful track 'So Willingly'

For me the best soul album of the decade - and it didn't make the list is:
Hil St. Soul - Copasetik & Cool

I'm shocked that Musiq's

I'm shocked that Musiq's SoulStar was included and not Juslisen. Note that Juslisen went platinum and SoulStar hasn't. Juslisen is his best album to date in my opinion, i.e. before the current OnMyRadio album, which I haven't bought yet (but I will soon).
Also agree with comment above that Livin' The Luxury Brown by Mint Condition and Instant Vintage by Raphael Saadiq should have been included.
Glad that Javier by Javier, Infinite Possibilities by Amel Larrieux, Love Story by Vivian Green, Salt by Lizz Wright made it...

Juslisen is a very good

Juslisen is a very good album but Aijuswannasing has to be on this list and in the top ten also...

Wow..I was pleasantly

Wow..I was pleasantly suprised to see Ledisi in the #3 spot..she is truly a deserving artist..

but Eric Benet at #2?? What were people thinking? He's a good artists but just about every other album in the top 20 is miles ahead of that one..

Nothing New Under The Sun


I think we should wait another year or two and then make a list of some of the soul albums/decade of 2000. Some of these albums have only been out a couple of years and that's way too soon for us to examine if they are truly a soul classic. We gotta let the music absorb us a little bit longer.

I agree with you a 1000%.

I agree with you a 1000%. I'll take your comment a step further. What's up with Musiq's debut album not being on the list? Tell me 'bout that one.

I would have

I would have eliminated:
Eric Benet( I like him, but there is no way that this album should be at #2)
Beyonce (Her music is too disposable to make the list.)
Angie Stone "Art of Love and War" (I love her but this is not her best album.)
Luther (Who doesn't love Luther but on this album he departed from his style in order to grab a younger crowd and the material was just not good although he sounded great.)
Keyshia Cole ("A Different Me" was her worst album yet. Her music sounds watery to me nowadays.)

I would have added:
Angie Stone "Mohagany Soul"- This was a cd with like 17 tracks and they are all great.
India Arie "Voyage to India"- Just as good as her first album
Mint Condition "Living the Luxury Brown"- Very solid album that mixes different genres and sounds like nothing else out there.
Lyfe Jennings' 1st album- He was keeping it very real on this album. He told a story and the songs were well crafted.

Think Jill is the right

Think Jill is the right number 1. I would have also added 'Gold Coast' by Rhian Benson and Musiq's 'Juslisen'.

What happened to Musiq

What happened to Musiq Soulchild's debut album, 'Ijuswannasing'? Its not even in the top 75 at all. Wow...................hum.................?

Totally agree with

Totally agree with musikluva. Adriana Evans and Avani should have make the list too.