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Blue Magic

Blue Magic

Thank you Chris and your staff at SoulTracks for keeping the great music alive. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our fans all over the world for supporting us and showing us the unconditional love that we feel as we tour and perform for over 38 years now !. Without you there would be no "blue." So, as the song says, "let the sideshow begin." 

All our love to you all and may God continue to bless you.   

Vernon Sawyer
Blue Magic

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The group Blue Magic is unfortunately often overlooked in discussions of the great Philly soul acts of the 70s, but the quintet was responsible for some of the most enjoyable smooth soul of that decade.  Consisting of Ted 'Wizard' Mills, Vernon Sawyer, Wendell Sawyer, Keith 'Duke' Beaton and Richard Pratt, Blue Magic was formed in Philadelphia and began recording for Atlantic records in 1973.  The group became one of the earliest acts produced by veteran Philly guitarist Norman Harris, who spent most of the decade in the shadow of Gamble & Huff but who masterminded a number of great albums for artists from the Trammps to the Temptations.  

Blue Magic's debut album included a number of quality tunes, perhaps the best of which was "Look Me Up," an infectious stepper highlighted by Mills' clear falsetto, and which created early comparisons with the Stylistics.  Real crossover success came in 1974 with "Sideshow," a now classic Philly forlorn ballad that topped the Soul charts and made the Pop top 10.  The rather contrived follow-up, "Three Ring Circus," was musically another solid ballad that did well despite its obvious attempt to mimic "Sideshow" (even beginning with the same carnival barker).  Over the next three years Blue Magic became know mostly for smooth ballads, and the group stayed high on the Soul charts with "Stop to Start" and "Chasing Rainbows" before landing a big hit with the dance tune "Magic of the Blue."

Blue Magic's fortunes faded as the 70s came to an end, and Richard Pratt left in the early 80s.  However, they continued to record sporadically, landing two moderately successful comeback albums, 1983's Magic # and 1989's From Out of the Blue.  The group's discography is well represented in a number of compilations, though their original albums are generally unavailable on CD.

By the 90s, lead singer Mills had left the group for a solo career, and he is still performing, mostly in multi-act soul music shows.  He recently appeared in the touring play "Girl He Ain't Worth It" with the Manhattans, Me'lissa Morgan and Tito Jackson as well as joining Russell Thompkins Jr and William Hart on a 2008 Shanachie Records disc as the 3 Tenors of Soul.  A reconstituted Blue Magic, consisting of the two Sawyers, Beaton and lead singer Wade Elliott, continues to tour in soul music shows and occasional television appearances, still sounding quite good. They are managed by Elaine Sawyer with promotional help from Sgt. Gary Nadler.  Vernon Sawyer recounted many of the group's triumphs in a recent interview

Now four decades into their careers, the members of Blue Magic continue to impress a sizeable fanbase around the world with their smooth brand of Philly Soul, and have earned a sizeable profile among the greatest groups of their era.

By Chris Rizik

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I just wanna say hello,

I just wanna say hello,

Wendel and Vernon and I hope

Wendel and Vernon and I hope your brother Micheal and Sister and Mother are all doing fine,every time I drive by 16th street I think about all of you. just wanted to say hi Precious.

Ted this Don from Last

Ted this Don from Last August, How are you long time Bro Thanks for signing my petition for Poogie. Look my brother Gab has a myspace site talk to him for or GabrielMichael52 may be I can catch up with you. Love you guys. Tell Poogie & Russell Hello Peace. Hey! Tell Bunny that song (Nobody else but me) I love it and would like to record it.

Ted this Don from Last

Ted this Don from Last August how are you long time Bro Thanks for signing my petition for Poogie. Look my brother gab has a myspace site talk to him for may be I can talk to you to Love you guys. Tell Poogie and Russell hello



love major Hi im Major

love major Hi im Major Harris 3rd from Los Angeles,CA. The manager and son of Major Harris and second cousin of Norman Harris. I want to thank Ted Mills/Blue Magic - Margie Joseph - Major Harris for coming back toghether again as The 3 M s on stage in concert. thank you love major

Lovely sound. Thanks for

Lovely sound.

Thanks for sharing.


Sideshow has to be their all

Sideshow has to be their all time best song for me along with their debut album Blue Magic. The Magic of the Blue and 13 Blue Magic Lane were both very good but didn't quite have the same impact as the first album. All very much worth a listen if you haven't heard.


Wow had completely missed

Wow had completely missed these guys...awesome stuff, thanks

Ted This is Bobby Lloyd Just


This is Bobby Lloyd Just want to speak to you.

I hope things are well.

Bobby Lloyd Phone 516 381 9962

I hope Blue Magic reads

I hope Blue Magic reads this: I know you remember my boyfriend Steve Bernstein and wmot. I love love your music.We are waiting for a concert in South Florida. Please Please come to south florida. We need a sideshow reunion.

i have two songs i love they

i have two songs i love they are since you been gone and sitting alone again i cant find them in any stores