J. Tait - Things On My Mind (2009)

J. Tait
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If a sound had a recipe, this is how you would create J. Tait's: dashes of Detroit grit added to old-school soul with pinches of Dwele and Raheem DeVaughn throughout. If this  EP, Things On My Mind, is any hint of the future menu, then this singer/songwriter (he wrote or co-wrote all but one track) is on his way to becoming a musical master chef .

"Think It Over" tells listeners to view the world from both a familial and global scale, while "Think I'm In Love" is unabashed doo-wop. "Stay With Me," tenderly pleads for another chance.

Deftly combining classic melodies with hip hop edges is what makes the EP so engaging, even with missteps like "This Song Is For You" and the gimmicky Temptations remake, "Just My Imagination." But like any condiment you dislike, those can be dismissed as you enjoy the rest of the worthwhile dish. 

Vocals- 4 stars
Lyrics-3 stars
Music-4 stars
Production- 3.5
SoulTracks Call: Recommended

By Melody Charles


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