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J. Tait - Things On My Mind (2009)


J. Tait - Things On My Mind (2009)
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If a sound had a recipe, this is how you would create J. Tait's: dashes of Detroit grit added to old-school soul with pinches of Dwele and Raheem DeVaughn throughout. If this  EP, Things On My Mind, is any hint of the future menu, then this singer/songwriter (he wrote or co-wrote all but one track) is on his way to becoming a musical master chef .

"Think It Over" tells listeners to view the world from both a familial and global scale, while "Think I'm In Love" is unabashed doo-wop. "Stay With Me," tenderly pleads for another chance.

Deftly combining classic melodies with hip hop edges is what makes the EP so engaging, even with missteps like "This Song Is For You" and the gimmicky Temptations remake, "Just My Imagination." But like any condiment you dislike, those can be dismissed as you enjoy the rest of the worthwhile dish. 

Vocals- 4 stars
Lyrics-3 stars
Music-4 stars
Production- 3.5
SoulTracks Call: Recommended

By Melody Charles


Tait is that deal..old

Tait is that deal..old school powerful crooning, while skying vocals. Precission scales and warm tenor sound. Coupled with hard hitting urban beats & heart felt lyrics, this one is a keeper.

J is the troof.... not only

J is the troof.... not only can he sing but he has a beautiful personality to match. J, keep up the good work!

Hmmmmm after being handed

Hmmmmm after being handed plenty of CD samplers, promos, etc I was actually excited to PURCHASE J. Tait’s EP. No gimmicks on ‘Just My Imagination’, I luv his spin on it – better than what’s playing on the radio…old school mixed with a new school…something I can appreciate..

Loving that he stepped out from background to front stage…vocals are tight and lyrics are from his heart.
‘This Song Is For You’ is ‘cute’ & always brings a smile to my face when I listen to it. My favorite would have to be “Stay With Me”-the lyrics are the truth & the melody is cool.

Aside from the fact that he holds down bkground vocals for Dwele and of course you hear is musical influences (Sam Cook, Donny Hathaway, Temptations, etc) in his voice, J. Tait is in a lane of his own. Maybe one day, we can watch a live version of one of the songs. EP is in rotation while I anxiously await ’Things On My Mind…Part Deux’!

(Listen to the snippets and make that purchase!)

What can I say I love J.

What can I say I love J. Tait’s artistry.

I first got exposed to J in June 2008 at New York’s SOBs. He was singing backup for Dwele, but when it was time for his spotlight moment, boy did he take it. I was hooked ever since. I have gone to several Dwele shows and I can say, I’m there for J just as much as I’m there for Dwele.

When J dropped “Things on My Mind” on his MySpace page, I was one of the first people to download it, uploaded to my Ipod and it stays in my recently played list. I stand by my artist and J. Tait is one I will always stand by.


J Tait!!!! This young gifted

J Tait!!!! This young gifted man is the truth... I love his spirit within his music. It's soulful and I can't wait for the WORLD to meet him. Keep doing your thing baby. May God bless you in ALL your endeavors.... Keep reaching for the stars... xoxo

I wasn't too familiar with

I wasn't too familiar with James Tait until I went to a show. When Dwele introduced the band...J. Tait blew me away! This guy has incredible vocals!I was really glad when he put out his EP, he is high rotation in the car as well as the home front! Good luck James with your EP you deserve it!!

Much love,

My ears are subjective and I

My ears are subjective and I find more and more that there is so much in music these days that I do not enjoy. Recently I decided to put a stamp on the music that actually moves me, and that stamp is the 'certifiable' label. After just one listen to JTait's EP, I let him know outright that in my opinion he was more than 'certifiable' and that's a fact that I stand by! This EP represents a great introduction to JTait, an artist that I definitely believe we will be hearing so much more from!

Cop that EP!

...Beautiful music..he

...Beautiful music..he old school..meets the you a blast from the past..a time..where love and soul from the heart..relaxation...for the mind...J of a kind!!!

I remember listening to

I remember listening to "Think It Over" in Tait's car on the way to karaokee, where he killed the crowd singing "Unchained Melody". He's a born entertainer. His love and passion for music is heard on each song he sings. This is just the beginning of what he's going to accomplish and what people are going see in him as a singer/songwriter. I look forward to seeing the evolution of J. Tait's albums in the years to come, and all the success he will reap from them. If there is a deserving individual, it's J. Tait. "Think It Over" is the best!