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When looking at the great soul music geographies of the past quarter century, perhaps the most criminally overlooked is Ohio, the breeding ground for a generation of hot funk acts that came into their own in the 70s and early 80s, including the Ohio Players, Heatwave, Zapp, Lakeside, Midnight Star and Dayton.  One of the premiere Ohio groups of this era was Slave.  Formed in Dayton in 1975, Slave originally consisted of  bass guitarist Mark Adams, trumpter Steve Washington, drummer Tim Dozier, guitarist Mark Hicks, sax players Orion Wilhoite and Tom Lockett,  trombone player Floyd Miller, keyboardist Carter Bradley and vocalist Danny Webster.

The group signed with Cotillion Records for their self-titled debut album and immediately scored with the blazing funk track, "Slide," which hit #1 on the Soul charts and earned Slave a Grammy nomination for best new artist.  However, the group's next two albums failed to land big hits, and Slave risked the "one hit wonder" label.  Singers Steve Arrington and Starleanna Young joined the group, and Slave's 4th album, Just a Touch of Love, stormed into the top 10 on the power of the title cut.  They continued their re-emergence in 1981 with the hit "Watching You" and the accompanying album, Stone Jam.

Arrington left the group for a moderately successful solo career in 1982 (highlighted by the great hit "Dancing in the Key of Life"), and the next few years saw a shakeup in Slave's lineup.  Washington, Lockett and Young left to form the group Aurra, and the remaining group members continued to record with lesser success through the rest of the 80s, landing minor hits with "Shake it Up" and "Ooooh."  Slave left Cotillion for Ichiban Records in 1986 and recorded five albums on that label through the mid-90s before going silent.

A revamped version of Slave began touring again in multi-artist funk group shows after the turn of the century.  In August 2006, the Slave compilation Definitive Groove was released. In March of 2011, bassist Mark Adams died, leaving a strong legacy of great work.

by Chris Rizik

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I have been a fan of this group since it's inaugural lp. However, enough is enough. They peaked with Showtime, which i think was their best effort artistically.These later years have produced nothing but revamped versions of all their old material.I understand about making a living. But sad to say they are washed up.It would help them to grow old gracefully instead of desperately.The new group, I'm sorry , is just not happening.Slave cannot legitimately be called Slave without Steve Arrington. I think that from a market standpoint, it would be great to come up with some old archive concerts or concert footage from the 70s-early 80s if possible and sell and package the dvd, add a old school poster with signatures on it for 29.95 a pop and people will respond to that...just keeping it real and telling it like it should be told.I do have a copy of a partial show they did in 1981 (Don Kirshner Rock Concert), in addition to a concert in Long Beach, Cali by the new lineup.I love Slave, but the new sound with Mark "Drac" Hicks and some no-name homies of his just wasn't cutting it.Mark Adams, Steve Arrington, and those old cats were the real slave...I'm out,,,,


I love those guys..They are all icons to me, but I see
alot of these old funk groups out there.Some of them (Con funk shun,Cameo,Gap band etc) give great quality shows and you see the same dudes you saw in the 70s and 80s..That's legit.I saw a sub-par performance on dvd by the new Slave it just wasn't them..The Brothers
Johnson came out with a live, watered down dvd that was even worse..I saw them and Slave in Nashville,tn, and it was a fraud. George was the only one that showed up, some fake guy with a zebra coat on calling himself "Mr. Ron from Slave" was an embarrassment to the Slave legacy.I realize how cut-throat the music business was in those days.Those cats(most of those groups) made great music, but very little money, Or if they did make some cash, they blew it on drugs, wine, women, and fast cars.You can tell by their physical appearance, that most of them abused themselves and I guess that is the life of a rock star.So now many of them are out there defrauding the public with "garbage".If you are going to make a comback, do it right,don't defraud the public. Do it with grace and style.People can criticize the new generation and sad to say that alot of sounds out there are garbage also.However, I have to admit that the new artists are far less talented ,but they are very shrewd, educated, and saavy when it comes to the business part of the music business.Many of these people are not even 21, and millionaires.Good luck to the members of Slave. would love to see Steve and Mark and some of the others settle their differences and do one last great tour....

Sadly, that reunion will

Sadly, that reunion will never take place. yesterday, Steve Arrington reported that Mark "The Hansolor" Adams died on Friday night.

Slave was one of my favorite groups & Mark Adams was definitely my favorite bassist.

Mark Adams - R.I.P.

My condolences to his family, freinds & fans.

Don't insult the legacy of

Don't insult the legacy of Slave with this band that Drac through together... He needs to change their name! There are not many videos of the original members. True Slave fans will find comfort in the new Curt Jones CD titled "Solo."

I am Slaves # 1 fan since

I am Slaves # 1 fan since day one I had a serious crush on Floyd Miller & Mark Adams I had a lot of wet dreams especailly about Floyd he was sooo fine I hope he and the gang still Is , when Rick & Teena died It broke me down people who knows me knows that Slave , Rick James & the Stone City Band and my childhood friends GQ were my favorite funk groups my favorite Slave songs was Starting All Over & Feel My Love, people would laugh at the parties because I was known for changing words to songs all the time,and when that Slave tune was playing all I needed to hear was Feel It and I would start sanging Come On Floyd Feel My Butt , Feel My Butt , Floyd Making Love To Me That's The Way It Should Be , I remember one time I heard someone said I wish somebody get this child a Slave concert ticket/pass so she can meet Floyd ,I use to kiss his/their picture and Mark Adams hot dam fine fine fine yes lord ,anyway I played their album so much I scratch the dam record thank god I now have the CD's ,with Mark & Rick gone half of the funk Is gone , Mark was so unique with his style and techique he was one of the kings of funkin bass , you have to be blessed with that type of style & Ingredience you have to be seasoned well enough to have this talent and there are very few to have this uniqueness and Mark Adams U were one of the chosen ones ,and I wish I have had the pleasure of meeting u , but I hope as a Slave huge fan that I will someday have the joy of meeting all the original members of Slave, I also hope that at this sad time It will bring all the original Slave members back together before It's too late don't lose another member before yall come back as one , the soul & funk brothers , Original Slave members once again Front And Center , we/I love you guys so much,even In the 5 heartbeats after their manager was killed and the turnmoils they reunited, hell the Temptation with Eddie & David reunited take your cue from them & Eugene Record we were bless to see him reunite with the Chilites one last time before him and Mr Squirrel died ,O my lord please bless Mark Into your pearly gates of heaven to teach the angels how to play heavenly bass hooks , And Mark when u get to heaven tell Rick & Teena that we/I miss yall Funk & Soul and let Barry White know that I Queen Anita promise to Love & Honor all of yall music until death do me apart I sorrowly swear , music today has no funk or real soul anymore the soul left that train a long time ago why because guys like Slave,
GQ ,Commodores , Ohio Players Etc break up and they died before they have a chance to reunite for their fans who love their music we need real old school live bands back like the real way, artist today don't have that type of flavor or style at all
I am honored to be Slaves # 1 Fan ,Love u guys come back please Floyd Miller & Steve Washington and the whole Slave Gang In honor of Mark Adams to keep his memories alive , the real Slave memebers cannot be replace so stop trying the recarnation Slave Is wack and I am not feeling them at all a Floyd M , Steve W , Mark Adams ,Danny W , Steve A ,Dracs they are not and will never be so make them go away I/We want to see the real Mccoy
Peace Love & Harmony from Queen Anita Soul of the Universal Zulu Nation from the Boogie Down Bronx the birth place of the original Hip Hop and a promoter of Old School Hip Hop Disco Funk & Old Soul Music..............