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Former Temptation Ali Woodson dies


Ali Ollie Woodson

We are sad to inform SoulTrackers that former Temptation lead singer Ali Ollie Woodson has died after a battle with cancer. He was 58.

The name Ali Woodson may not be familiar to large numbers of readers, but to those in the Soul music business he was known as one of the greatest modern singers.  In a career that spanned more than three decades, he worked as lead singer for the Drifters and (the post-Teddy Pendergrass) Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.  He also served as guest vocalist on dozens of recordings of artists from Freda Payne to Paul Jackson, and as a backing vocalist for Whitney Houston, Rachelle Ferelle and Aretha Franklin.  However, his true coming out was as the lead singer of the Temptations from 1984-1996. Woodson wrote and sang lead on the group's biggest hit of the 80s, "Treat Her Like A Lady."

Woodson remained active after leaving the Tempts, including recording an enjoyable solo album, Right Here All Along, for Expansion Records and last year releasing the digital LP, Never Give Up... 

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What a great singer. He was

What a great singer. He was one of my all-time favorites. Rest in peace.

He was right up there with

He was right up there with David Ruffin as one of the Temptations' best singers. "Someone," "Soul To Soul," "Treat Her Like a Lady" were all amazing.

RIP Ali We were blessed to


We were blessed to have heard your wonderful voice.

I am truly shocked by this

I am truly shocked by this news! He was so young, and in my opinion, one of the greatest performers and singers EVER! He had one of the best voices I've ever heard. Don't forget "Lady Soul" when you're remembering Ollie Woodson.

I love you, Ollie, your memory will be treasured!

From his introduction as a

From his introduction as a Temptation on the "Back To Basics LP", where he performed the sublime Norman Whitfield penned "Stop The World Right Here'( I Want To Get Off) through his highlight LP "For Lovers Only" where he nailed "Some Enchanted Evening" Mr. Woodson was a pure Temptation. His solo LP "Right Here All Along" was the epitome of soul music. When the album was re-released it featured one of my all time Ali Woodson favorites "My Na Na" which requires no explanation just a listen. For those fans who question my assessment of him as a pure Temptation, you need to look no further than the video of Some Enchanted Evening. Rest In Peace, my friend. I am glad to have known you.

My heart is heavy for the

My heart is heavy for the loss of Ali Woodson. He was an amazing singer and shaped the future of R&B. My prayers of peace to his family and friends.


Not only was Ali Woodson a

Not only was Ali Woodson a great singer, he was a great human being whom I had the priviledge to meet in person. He now joins David, Eddie, Paul, and Melvin. Together they may have a Temptation revival and reunion in heaven. What a wonderful harmony that would be.Rest in peace Ali.

Really sad news! Ali Ollie

Really sad news!
Ali Ollie Woodson was a great vocalist. I first heard him in 1984 with treat her like a lady and since then I kept in touch with his work. I was really excited when I discovered his first solo album and I regret he never got the recognition and success he deserved. I also regret that I wasn't able to download his last album (due to geographic restrictions) but I hope now it will be released in CD.It would be a deserved last tribute.
RIP Ali!



I had the wonderful pleasure

I had the wonderful pleasure of singing background for this great singer on two occasions. He was hilarious, thorough, and entertaining. I will miss him a lot, but I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him...Rest well Ali...

not only was he a fantastic

not only was he a fantastic singer, he was a fantastic individual as well; i will never forget or forget to appreciate when he called me ( and then his dad )from backstage ( in 1986 at the joe louis arena in detroit )to allow me to be one of the individuals to sing the opening verse of " my girl "; i had the opportunity to talk to him after the show for a few minutes - very warm, personable and intelligent. my friend shiela had arranged for me to see the show AND go backstage to talk with her cousin richard street and the other tempts between the two shows they performed that night as part of my birthday celebration - it remains one of my best memories ever......

Len Williams What a Blow!!!

Len Williams
What a Blow!!! I am saddened by his passing.
He was one of the greatest singers ever. He put his
stamp on every song he sang. What a Voice!!!!

I'm devastated!!, Ali was

I'm devastated!!, Ali was one of my best friends,I/we the Commodores had enjoyed many international and domestic tours together with him while he was a member of The Temps. What an amazing voice, he was a guy that lived to sing and not the other way around!. He's singing on the Nightshift now along with all the other greats!. Love you Ali and God bless. J.D. Nicholas. (Commodores.)

How one so talented and

How one so talented and professional could always appear so humble and respectful is a testament to this brother's true uniqueness and beauty. Always a kind and encouraging word for other performers and individuals. Those high notes were very rich and full and every single syllable went straight from his soul to ours. Genuine, good natured and soulful, I shall miss him as much as the age of real singers, and real men.
DJ Replay

Condolences to his family

Condolences to his family for their loss. This is certainly a loss to the Soul Music community as a whole. He was truly one of my all time favorite singers with his sultry soulful voice. To see him in concert with the Temps was always a treat. He will be missed.

i didnt know him personally

i didnt know him personally but i knew of his music and i just loved his music and he had a way about him he was so young same age as my husband but to think there is hope not in heaven but here on earth God promise us pardise and to live for ever in it so we will ollie will be there because Jesus said all those in the tomstone will here my voice and they will all come to me Rev:21 said the tent of God is with man kind and there will be no more death and no more pain or crying so ollie family members please keep your head ups and have faith in God almight and he will see you through

sandi15- I'm really gonna

sandi15- I'm really gonna miss u. It seems all the good one's are gone. R.I.P.

I thank God for Ali Woodson.

I thank God for Ali Woodson. He was a true blessing. I met Ali at the Rainbow Push Convention Concert several years ago. He was very friendly and took many pictures with the Rainbow Push Choir members. We enjoyed the concert tremendously. We will all miss him, but his legacy will continue in my heart and the hearts of many other people. God Bless You Ali Woodson

I'm so sorry to here about

I'm so sorry to here about Mr. Woodson's passing he brought the Temps back alive with that beautiful voice of his, we are loosing so many of our great talents,Luther, Teddy, Issac, Michael,Berry,Ali and now Marvin, I am not a big fan of most singers today, so when you here about one of the good ones like Ali going home it hits hard, Well I still have his music and I just want to say to his family: God bless you my heart goes out to you all, Another angel just got his wings. R.I.P.

I've always said Mr. Woodson

I've always said Mr. Woodson was the best lead singer the Temps had next to David Ruffin. I went to see them the year Ali first joined the group at the Hawaiian Hilton. They were riding high with the regional hit "Sail Away" led by Ron Tyson. What a show this guy put on. I guess he had to be good with the mighty 4 Tops opening the show. From that year he had the seal of approval of Temps fans all over the world. And we all will really miss him. Don't forget one of our fave records "Lady Soul".