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Ty Causey

Ty Causey

Hello SoulTracks Readers.

I hope life is peaceful for you these days. It has always been my goal to write classic soul music for you to embrace today and still find yourself groovin' with the same intensity ten years from now. I feel that i have captured some classic moments in my new CD called "Down 2 Earth". All i can say at this point is put it in your player and let me do the rest!

Thank you so much for your love and support of my music through the years. I am totally humbled by your embrace! Please share my music with all of your friends and family. I would love to come to your city and perform and met you all personally one day! Thank you once again for allowing me to express myself.

Love and peace to you!
Ty Causey

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Indiana native Ty Causey cut his teeth on the Gospel circuit, singing in multiple choirs and ultimately working with such legendary performers as James Cleveland and Shirley Caesar. His warm vocal tones became widely recognized, resulting in steady work in regional singing groups and on commercials. He first made an international name for himself as a guest vocalist on smooth jazz star Najee's 1998 CD Morning Tenderness, and then solidified his position as a young performer worth watching when he accompanied Najee on the Morning Tenderness world tour.

After a few more years of back-up gigs, Causey recorded and released his first solo CD, the independently released N-Tysing, in 2004. N-Tysing was a solid disc on which Causey straddled the smooth jazz/R&B line with help from instrumentalists such as Najee and guitarist Nelson Braxton, and it received significant critical acclaim. While he also played keyboard and programmed most of the instrumentation on the disc, it was Causey's vocal performance that was most notable, his tenor voice (which sounds like a slightly fragile Carl Anderson) working very well with the album's generally smooth grooves. Unfortunately, despite strong initial sales, N-Tysing lost momentum due to distribution problems and never gained the audience it deserved.

Fortunately, Causey didn't stay on the sidelines for long. In July of 2005 he released his sophomore disc, Love Notes, working with executive producer Bert Caldwell (of From the bluesy opening on the first song, "Life On Track," Causey made it clear that he was not simply creating N-Tysing II, but was moving into a gutsier, more R&B-oriented sound that was as appealing as its predecessor but which stretched Causey more as a vocalist.

In June, 2006, Causey re-released N-Tysing with two new tracks ("Marvelous Love" and "It's Probably Me"), giving this fine album the kind of wide release that it warranted the first time. It was a welcome second chance for a deserving album. He followed it in 2007 with Expressions, an excellent album that showed more of an R&B feel and that was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.  In early 2008 Ty issued an album of previously unreleased recordings, Body Language.

Causey returned in early 2009 with another fine collection of smooth urban sounds on True Love In Motion. It solidified his position as one of the leading purveyors of smooth, soulful vocal jazz, and he issued another winner the following year with Down II Earth.

By Chris Rizik



New Album

"Pick Up the Pieces" is a great Choice Track this month. I can't wait to hear the whole album!