Watch the episode of "Unsung": Midnight Star

Often overlooked in discussions of hot funk groups of the 80s, Midnight Star formed a unique sound and a series of infectious singles that propelled it to the top of the R&B charts for the better part of a decade.

Formed in the mid-70s at Kentucky State University, Midnight Star was modeled after the large, self-contained bands that then dominated soul and funk music.  Consisting of songwriters/horn players Vincent and Reggie Calloway, vocalist Belinda Lipscomb, guitarist Melvin Gentry, keyboardist Bo Watson, bassist Kenneth Gant, guitarist Jeffrey Cooper, saxophonist William Simmons and drummer Bobby Lovelace, the group came to the attention of SOLAR head Dick Griffey, who signed and paired them with ultra-hot producer Leon Sylvers.  However, unlike other SOLAR releases of the early 80s, Midnight Star's first few albums failed to have significant chart power.  It was only after the group took control of its music in 1983 that success arrived...Read our full Midnight Star biography.

Midnight Star was the subject of an episode of TV One's Unsung. We have the full episode below, so check it out and tell us what you think! 


We apologize. TV One has removed this video from the internet.



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