Nominate the Best Soul songs of the 60s!

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    Hey SoulTrackers!  Last year you all had a great time choosing the Greatest Soul Albums of all time, one decade at a time.  B000001DUPMany of you told us this was one of best things we did in 2009, and we had fun doing it. So this year we're going to be doing the same things for the Greatest Soul SONGS of all time, and we're going to begin this month with the 1960s. This was the decade of Motown and Stax and the explosion of Soul music as the most popular form of music in the world.  So what better way to begin a celebration of the Greatest Soul songs of all time.

    B000929AFUSo here's your chance to help.  Later this month we'll be posting a list of the Best Soul Songs of the 1960s from which SoulTrackers can vote their favorites, but we want you to help us come up with that list.  In the comment section below, tell us your choices of songs that should be on that list.  

    So don't be shy. Tell us what you think! 


    Song of the Month - Chris Jasper - "Auld Lang Syne"
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed Music - "I Want You Back"
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    Choice Cut - Son of Pearl - "Stay"