Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Official Biography (courtesy of Brian Smith)

Music is a not only a love/like for's a passion, particularly singing/ song-writing. In Brian's words, "I believe music has a direct impact on our lives. Whether it's going to a loud concert with massive speakers, and thousands of people, or just listening or singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite CD as you drive down the highway, music is something that we relate all to. It touches us like nothing else can. It changes or enhances our mood." That's why he has chosen and continues to make it his goal, to put together a compilation of songs that will have a positive impact on those who know God, but also those who may not know Him as their Savior and friend. Brian has recorded 2 records independently, Restless and Brian Smith Band. Since the last two projects Brian has gone on to win Gospel Music Channel's Gospel Dream 2005, an American Idol-type show on the Gospel Music Channel. He has now completed his 3rd effort, which will be his first endeavor as a signed artist with Zomba Label Group, a branch of Sony/BMG.

Available Music

Featured Album - Michael Mayo - Bones
Choice Cut - Ascendant feat. Angela Johnson - "It's Not Over"
Song of the Month - Ty Causey feat. Monet Cherise - "U-Turn"
Album of the Month - Derrick "Doc" Pearson - A Family Man

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