B.T. Express

B.T. Express

    Part of the now legendary acts arising from Brooklyn, New York in the 70s, B.T. Express was both hot and funky. Formed by friends who met in high school, the band went through many name changes, from The Madison Street Express to Brothers Trucking to B.T. Express. The group consisted of Rich Thompson (lead guitar), Louis Risbrook aka Jamal Rasool (bass), Terrell Wood (drums), Bill Risbrook (sax, flute), Carlos Ward (sax), Dennis Rowe (percussion) and Barbara Joyce Lomas (vocals)

    They released a number of songs locally, before signing with upstart Roadshow Records, teaming with producer Jeff Lane and songwriter Billy Nichols for “Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied),” which became an all out smash in 1974 and the group’s signature song.

    It didn’t take long for B.T. Express to move back to the top of the charts, as their second single, the self-titled “Express,” became another funk smash. This began a string of successful albums over the next half decade, and moderate hits like "Give It What You Got" and "Can't Stop Groovin Now." During that run, the band added a young keyboardist who went on to become a music legend in his own right: Kashif.

    By the early 80s, record company trouble and the departure of several members resulted in the end of B.T. Express’s strong run. But what a run it was.

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