Dane Riley

Dane Riley

Official Biography (courtesy of Dane Riley)

Dane Riley is a multi - instrumentalist, recording artist, musician, singer, songwriter, producer & performer from Washington, D.C. Dane comes from a family of musicians (The Ruffin family) of D.C. that includes cousins Grace Ruffin of the 60's group THE JEWELS, the late BILLY STEWART who had the hits(I Do Love You, Summertime & Sitting In the Park), the late CALVIN (HOUND DOG) RUFFIN, Calvin C. Ruffin Jr., International singer & music ministry missionary Geryl Anderson and the gospel trio The Bruton Sisters of Wash, DC. which includes his mother and two Aunts.

Dane's music is very Uplifting, Inspiring, Motivational, Powerful & Real, created with substance and integrity. But most of all it is Funky, Fresh, and Original. If you listen his entire album discography, you will see that he covers a wide range of genres. Dane's music is INSPIRATIONAL SOUL, FUNK & JAZZ that touches the soul and makes you feel good.

Dane has released several albums on his own Independent Record Label, Enadriley Music, and you can catch him performing at several local venues around the DC, Maryland & Virginia area. Dane has also performed in other cities such as NY, Chicago, Atlanta, NC & SC. While not concerned about mainstream radio, he is on a non stop musical journey to bring all people together by "COMING TOGETHER IN MUSIC AND LOVE".

Dane realized at an early age, that if you have a talent, that talent comes from a higher power (God), and if you have inspiration to do what you do, then that inspiration also comes from God, so therefore believes that you must use it to motivate and inspire others with that talent you were blessed with.

Don't let negative influences stop you from doing your best, and being who you are.

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