Lauren LA Ashley

Lauren LA Ashley

Official Biography (courtesy of Lauren LA Ashley)

“All I ever wanted…. was to be heard. And for those who still appreciate real music to know it’s still appreciated and done” Those are words spoken from the talented Lauren “LA” Ashley.

Lauren A. Young was born in Paterson NJ to the union of Ronald and Sandra Young. Her mother raised in Oklahoma and her father, Ronald Young, from Englewood NJ, married and moved to Paterson NJ. Ever since Lauren was young she could remember being brought around nothing but music. Her father, played several instruments as well as playing alongside several different well known bands/singers: Earth, Wind and Fire, James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie and many more.

Throughout her childhood Lauren had a very diverse upbringing. Her father listened to nothing but Jazz and R&B while her mother listened to classical as well as Gospel. Although raised in the church, Lauren’s sound was derived mainly from Jazz and R&B. Learning of famous voices like Anita O’Day, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, and many many more, Lauren’s ear for music became eclectic. In her teenage years, Lauren was accepted into one of the most well known and respected High Schools in Paterson, Rosa Parks H.S. of Fine and Performing Arts, where she studied music/vocal under the instruction of Norma Jean Williams-Hughes. During her 4 years at RPHS she studied Classical, Folklore, Jazz, Spiritual as well as R&B/Pop.

After H.S Lauren joined two groups, “Xhale” and “Good Girl,” where she was able to travel, and open up for well-known groups like “The Commodores”, “Pattie LaBelle”, as well as “Boyz2Men.” Eventually, Lauren decided to, take a leap of faith and try music as a solo artist. She worked with numerous producers and managers. And just when things started to take off, her father was diagnosed with cancer, and sadly passed in 2012.  Lauren lost her manager, lawyer, hardest critic, but most of all her dad. During that time LA took a break from music grieving over the loss of her father. She became lonely, and even gave up on pursuing music. But during this time, her best friend, Kyle “K2” Stewart lost his grandmother. They found solace in each other and pushed each other to keep moving forward with their music. Unfortunately in April of 2015, K2 passed away and so did LA’s drive for music.  As much as LA wanted to give up on her music, she knew her father nor her brother would want that.

LA finally pushed herself back into her music, and channeled her energy into her songs. LA is now, currently working on her EP “LANights” which will be a combination of “Sexy, Sleek, vibe-out” energy. There will be something for all ages on her EP. LA’s live performances seem to captivate her audiences every time. “I’ve never seen someone grab EVERYONE’s attention in the room with just one note/word. Her tone is amazing and her control is God given” says an audience member. LA is mostly known for her captivating voice and amazing tone and control. “ I understand the difference between being gifted, and talented. Not all are gifted, and I’ve been blessed. I hope I can encourage and inspire. I realize God gives and takes away. So I’m forever thankful and grateful for my gift”. You can look out for LA’s ep sometimes this Spring. And for more info on shows follow her on IG:@musics1stlove, Twitter: @musics1stlove, FB: LaurenAshley and for now you can check out her sound cloud:


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