Mikki Keena

Mikki Keena

Official Biography (courtesy of Mikki Keena)

“I can remember my mom telling me, write your feelings down when you feel sad,” she says. Writing became a way out, a way to express how she felt; happy, sad, disappointed, grateful, so many emotions wrap up in one. The love of written song began with every tear cried and every smile placed. Mikki participated in almost any musical event possible. She played the flute and learned to read music. Writing a song not only was a way of life, it is her gift to the world.

Mikki Keena released her 1st digital single on November 5 , 2013, titled One Last Call. A voice driven with passion that ignites emotion is how one would describe the artist, Mikki Keena. She tells a story filled with pain, joy and love. The undeniably, unquestionable, powerful, soulful singer; coming from the Midwest! The love of music and the passion to entertain rippled through her. Mikki Keena began chasing a dream that has stayed alive, capped and ready to explode.

Mikki was born with a voice that grips your soul and deepens the core of your emotions. Singing since she was 2 years old, Mikki wrote her 1st song at the age of 8. Her melodies, her stage presence, Mikki Keena comes untold, revealing the artist born to sing, write and entertain. Mikki’s musical influences consist of Whitney Houston, Phyllis Hyman & Anita Baker.
Mikki Keena successfully gained entry onto the most popular talent shows; P-Diddy’s “Making the Band”, X-Factor, Sunday’s Best & America’s Got Talent. She has a background in performing arts crediting her leading role in “This Far by Faith”, at the McCree Theater and “He’s Coming Back for His Bride”, at the University of Michigan Theater. Mikki has recently performed at the Black Arts Festival. She wrote and arranged the song Thank You for her hometown, Flint, Michigan for the recent Water Crisis. She performed her “Thank You” song at Fundraising Campaign “Hip-Hop 4 Flint” in response to the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan. The singer & songwriter and an Independent Sony Music Artist brings a soulful, sultry sound.  The sweet smooth vocals of Mikki Keena will captivate her audience leaving them craving for more.  “This is what I was meant to do. My gift is ready to share with the World”.


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