Biography (courtesy of Par-Le)

    Inspired by their love of classic cuts from the funk, soul and boogie era of the late 70’s and early 80’s, this multi-faceted pair of Londoners pay homage to legendary producers of the era such as Quincy Jones and Leon Sylvers III, adding a contemporary edge to their music with productiontechniques forged and styled by the duo themselves.

    ‘Par-Lé’ are Miles James and Alex Bonfanti, both highly sought after musicians, playing guitar and bass respectively all over the world for the likes of Jessie Ware, Tom Jones and Michael Kiwanuka - the latter’s involvement as a fellow Movement records ambassador along with Miles, helped to see the coming together of the label and the release of ‘The Light Years’ as a perfect fit.

    Taking a break from their busy touring schedules, Bonfanti & James entered their North London studio to soothe their minds creatively, the result being the serene yet soulful sounds of ‘The Light Years’.

    Collaborating with friends and vocalists Ade Omotayo and Nadine Charles, ‘Par-Lé’ conjure up tales of late night love combined with vibrant soundscapes and sentiments of city-living. Existing on the underground circuit for some time as a staple for soul DJ’s the world over, Movement Records provided a long-awaited release to this music previously celebrated by only those in the know.

    ‘TheLight Years’ fuses Bonfanti & James’ unmistakable talent as musicians with their innovative exploration into classic production techniques, culminating in a unique offering organically rooted in jazz, funk and soul music, to be enjoyed globally by lovers of these genres.



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