Official Biography (courtesy of Soccorro)

Soccorro was born in the small town of Donalsonville, Georgia predestined to become a performer. Her mother was a dancer and her father was a rhythm and blues singer.  At the age of four she started singing in local talent shows. As the years passed, she continued to enter  local radio contests and school talent shows. By the age of thirteen Soccorro was writing songs and arranging vocals for a group that she put together titled "SECRET".

After high school she ventured off to college majoring in music performance at Florida A&M University.  Soccorro performed in the University Concert Choir loving every musical experience, gaining knowledge and opportunities that would be priceless. There she was, a naive "country" girl without one inch of culture. The only thing she knew how to do was sing, but by the time she graduated from FAMU her life would be totally changed. While performing with the Concert choir she was given the opportunity to sing various genres of music in diverse parts of the world, ranging from jazz in New York City, New York, to African call and response songs in Madrid, Spain.

During her last two years of college she started singing background vocals for a band called the "Phat Cat Players".  This band did monthly shows that were filled with a pleasant variety of live music such as jazz, r&b, poetry and tasteful rap.  Soccorro describes that experience as being like no other, she received a real world opportunity to travel while performing on stage live, rehearsed and impromptu, singing with legendary performers such as "JT", formerly of "Kool and The Gang", "The SOS Band" and Mr. "Pfunk" himself, George Clinton.  While performing in the show she was asked to sing background vocals for a few songs on the "Phat Cat Players" cd titled "Make It Phat", which placed Billboard's charts within the first two weeks of it's release.  "Accepting this opportunity to perform background and lead vocals for the Phat Cat show opened my eyes so that I could see the whole picture, everything behind and beyond the stage. Unfortunately, more than half of everything I saw and experienced was not good, but all things seen and heard were growing experiences toward a prosperous and successful singing career. "

Soccorro admires several singers such as Gladys Knight, Sam Cook and Kim Burell just to name a few.  Jazz, r&b and gospel are her top listening choices but she enjoys listening to all music, everything from classical to rap. "When writing lyrics, I try to recreate real life situations by lyrically painting each phrase.  I want people to be there with me and see what I'm saying."

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