Alain Clark - Live It Out (2009)

Alain Clark
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You listen to "Mind Of A Woman" or "Head Over Heels" and you know good, simple songs are making a comeback. Forget what you're hearing on the radio. Take an extra step to hear the fine music by musicians like Warner Brothers' latest young wunderkind, Alain Clark. The bi-racial, raspy-to-silk voiced tenor was of the Craig David vein on his forgettable self-titled 2006 debut. But, like David, Clark has made a muscular return with bouncy soul grooves and lonely teardrop ballads that could make Clark the international mainstream star Warner is praying for by re-releasing this 2007 indie project as new. Clark is cute enough for heartthrob status with the teeny-boppers, but has mature material to cause their mother's to swoon too. The 60s and 70s inspired melodies of every shade are brilliantly arranged to extract the absolute best out of what would have otherwise been just a solid soul singer.

Funky toe-tapping material like "Blow Me Away," sentimental acoustic rock like "Father and Friend" (featuring Clark's impressive pops), and frothy, edible ballads like "She's The One" place this album among the top projects of 2009...or was that 2007? Hell, it's good enough head the list for both. Hooray for the return of simple, but good. Notable songs: There isn't a clunker in the bunch, but let's say all those mentioned.

Vocals: 3 stars
Lyrics: 3.5 stars
Music: 4 stars
Production: 4 stars
SoulTracks Call: Highly recommended.         

By L. Michael Gipson


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