Antoine Dunn

Antoine Dunn

    Official Biography (courtesy of Antoine Dunn)

    "Every part of a person's soul and heart is an expression of music; we walk to a divine rhythm that is defined by ones heart." -Antoine Levar Dunn

    Smooth and soulful are words that describe Antoine Dunn, the man and his music. Dunn's sound channels a timeless style, embodied by Donnie Hathaway, Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles—all sources of inspiration for his music. Contemporary artists such as Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, Musiq Soulchild, Alicia Keys, and James Morrison round out the myriad of styles from which he draws.

    Antoine’s music has a depth so often disregard by today’s artists in their quest to get to the top. In Dunn’s music, you will find musical mastery that will leave a lasting impression on the industry. In each song he writes, he shares his story of truth and passion. The expressions of his heart can be heard in every note and every lyric of his songs. His understanding of every element of the music he creates provides the cohesion to turn those notes into a symphony. Presented live, the magic of his music is amplified as he delivers his songs with a sincerity and spirit that draws every listener into a sense of familiarity. He does not try to present an image; he portrays his true self and his true expression through the authenticity of his performance.

    Antoine Dunn’s early musical explorations were fostered by his aunt, Veronica Dunn. Her career as a professional gospel singer provided her the insight to see and support the musical genius he exhibited at a very young age. Through his youth his voice garnered him great attention as he won various awards and had the opportunity to perform throughout the United States and the Bahamas. By the age of 17, Dunn was bestowed the opportunity to be the Cuyahoga Community Church's Minister of Music, where he directed for three years.

    Already an accomplished vocalist, pianist and songwriter, Dunn taught himself to play the drums and bass guitar. This ability to play the role of every element of the music he creates provides a depth that is conveyed in every project on which he embarks. In recent years he has worked as a songwriter for the Dallas-based company, Love Songs for Sale, received vocal production credits on 2007 American Idol Finalist Lakisha Jones' freshman album, and brought his talents to the shores of Thailand for a six-month tour. After his return to the states early in the year, Spring 2011 found him sharing the stage with such artists as Musiq Soulchild and Avant, as well as earning a spot as a finalist in the Aruba Soulbeach Music Festival Contest sponsored by In August 2011, Antoine Dunn signed a deal with Elite Music Group Incorporated and began work on his debut album; as yet untitled, his album is slated for release in the first quarter of 2012.

    "Music isn't what I do, it's who I am. I feel it is my professionalism, my uniqueness and commitment to my music that makes me stand-alone. Coming out of a city saturated with rap, I am moved to bring passion and authenticity back to music. I want to make music that all people can be proud of. As for me, my debut single ‘Can’t Forget’ says it all: I can’t keep waiting for dreams to come true.                                      

    Give me a chance and I'll take the world by storm-just wait and see."

    -Antoine Levar Dunn