Anwar Robinson

Anwar Robinson

    Anwar Robinson burst onto the scene as one of the finalists in Season Four of television's American Idol competition. The Newark, New Jersey native finished seventh in that year's competition, but not before winning a sizeable audience for his strong tenor voice and dreadlocks.

    Robinson began singing as a child as part of the Newark Boys' Chorus School. He later continued his development in the Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, New Jersey.  Following his graduation he became the Musical Director for Patti's Kitchen, a pilot for Patti LaBelle's cooking show with the Food Network.  He then briefly became part of the R&B group A.R.T. of SOUL, while also performing in several local churches.

    Robinson's reputations grew, and soon he had several high profile guest vocal appearances, including a performance with Aretha Franklin on Emeril Live. But nothing prepared him for the instant success brought by his appearance in front of tens of millions of viewers on American Idol and in the follow-up Idols Live Tour in the Summer of 2005.

    Following the completion of his Idol stint, Anwar Robinson disappeared for most of America. But for his newfound Idol fans, he quietly put together the independent covers album The Truth (About Love) and released it via his website.  He followed it with a guest appearance on the album Inspiration by Reverend Nolan Williams, Jr.

    Good news followed in 2007, When Robinson took over the role of Collins in the touring troupe of the rock opera RENT in 2007, ultimately performing in over forty cities. He remained busy the following year in the stageplays Invisible Life and Godspell.  In 2009, Anwar Robinson began work on the follow-up to his The Truth album, releasing the advance single "Night's Hot" to digital outlets.

    In his time on American Idol, Anwar Robinson showed himself to be both talented and engaging.  It has been four years, but many fans he made on that show are still awaiting the chance to hear him do his thing on a legitimate CD of new material. And it sounds like 2009 will be the year.

    By Chris Rizik 

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