Arika Kane

Arika Kane

Official Biography (courtesy of Clout Entertainment)  

Make room for Arika Kane, with stunning good looks, personality and vocals that are soulful, passionate and soothing; Arika is the latest blue-eyed soul singer to hit the music world.

Arika enjoys combining crossover genres in her music.  She is a fan of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll, Alternative, Country and of course, Rhythm & Blues.  She is a believer from the bottom of her heart that MUSIC is a permanent bridge that brings people together.

Growing up in Connecticut , Arika began singing at the tender age of 10.  She has been in the presence of music since she was born.  Both parents are musicians and her Dad is also a songwriter.  No need to guess; Arika too is a songwriter.  Arika grew up in a house of music.  She watched and danced while her parents rehearsed their act.  Arika is the first to say she has one of the most supportive family members in the world.  They truly understand her love of music and songwriting.  In fact, she admits they are her #1 fans.

Arika has loved music and has always been drawn to R&B.  "I was always a big fan of music.  I grew up smack in the middle of big hits like Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love," and "Vanishing," and Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love."  These were very powerful songs which had a huge effect on me.  They had me hooked!"

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