Avery Dey Interview: Sulpacio Jones

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    AD:  Thank you for your time, How are you?

    Sulpacio: Well it’s my pleasure and I’m good, thank you.

    AD:  So tell me how did you start?

    AD:  Thank you for your time, How are you?

    Sulpacio: Well it’s my pleasure and I’m good, thank you.

    AD:  So tell me how did you start?

    Sulpacio:  I actually started some years ago in song writing.  That was actually my bigger passion.  I was into acting a little bit and I was on set when a friend of mine, a fellow actor, started singing and we started harmonizing.  I said “We should start a group” and she said “Yeah, let’s start a group”…just like that. That ended up being this cute little duo and then over time that morphed into us getting a deal with Tracey Edmonds.  We started our working on a record and that didn’t really work out, after which I focused back on song writing.  I started writing songs, getting with producers and trying to get songs placed.  I decided to go back to the artist side and took 6 songs that I didn’t necessarily write for myself but said “this will work”, I put them on Band Camp and now here I am talking to you.  (laughs).  It was truly organic.  I put the music out there and a headshot and the music sold itself.

    AD:  How long have you been in the music industry?

    Sulpacio:  I’d say 6 years or so, off and on. I did some background and demo stuff for people but so maybe a little longer.

    AD:  Have you written for other artists that we may know?

    Sulpacio:  I attempted to, nothing was ever placed but that was my goal. (laughs)

    AD:  You currently have a project out now.  This is a self-entitled CD, correct?

    Sulpacio:  That’s correct. 

    AD: So what made you decide that this is it, I’m going to get heavy into the business.  With you being an independent artist, and with your drive and motivation, what was your motivation?

    Sulpacio:  Writing songs, I found, became really easy for me.  They were really good songs and I am very critical of my work.  I listen to it and I won’t love it just because it is my song, but I have to see can if I get into the groove, can I feel it, what is this really about?  I am really into the music and melody; the lyrics are just as important, but for me I like to feel the vibration of the song.  So back to the beginning, writing songs was easy for me, it was fun and after having about 30-40 songs people began to tell me “this is great” and “you should put this out”.  After hearing this from managers and producers, not just family (laughs), I did it.  When I write it’s fulfilling and almost therapeutic and I when I share it with people it’s something they can enjoy.

    AD:  Do you play an instrument at all?

    Sulpacio:  I do not but I definitely want to start playing.  I want to start playing keys or something like that but for now I am “just” a songwriter, producer, singer… (both laughs).

    AD:  You perform in your area, the Bay Area, but do you travel nationally?

    Sulpacio:  I’m working towards that. MusicConnex - the PurpleReign PR gig is the first big gig.  They are really pumping it up and adding shows and it’s great! Generally I just perform locally in Los Angeles but I did a show recently in my hometown.  I’m still promoting my brand and growing.

    AD: So in three words describe your sound.

    Sulpacio:  Describe my sound in three words…Authentic, Soulful and Passionate.

    AD:  What musicians do you admire or do you have any musical influences?

    Sulpacio:  Admire…Chaka she’s a great singer and I love her passion/style of singing.  I really like Raphael Saddiq he’s a very creative guy.  I would have to say John Legend, I like his music and admire him as an artist overall.  John is a unique artist and when he came out, it was with a punch.  That’s what we should want to be.

    AD:  In addition to Chaka Khan who is an influence, do you have any favorite artists?

    Sulpacio:  Favorite is such a tough word because I love a lot of different artists.  I actually listen to a lot of old school funky.  People will ask what is on your playlist right now and it’s a bunch of Rick James mixed in with maybe some Jigga.  I listen to a lot of old school hiphop mixed with old school R&B… you know Earth Wind and Fire.  That old classic music that never gets old.  I recently tweeted that as songwriters, we need to write songs that will withstand generations.   I have a song on my debut EP that, I think, kind of lands in that zone called “Baby’s Song”.  It’s a song that I wrote some time ago and today it’s still a great song.  So again, I don’t really have a favorite artist, I go through phases.  I’m getting into Marsha Ambrosius because I like her cutting edge. I want something different, something new.  Therefore, it’s a collection of artists and it depends on how I’m feeling that day.

    AD:  Tell me about an inspirational moment that happened on stage.

    Sulpacio:  The happiest/inspirational moment happened here in the Bay area.  I took about 6 years off and I was putting together this show and thinking well maybe I should go back home and do it… to get that warm home feeling.  Well I got on stage and I generally do a mix of covers and original stuff because here in the states they are not that familiar with my music yet; so it’s important to do some cover tunes.  So, I’m singing (I believe) Marvin Gaye and I’m looking out at the audience, they look like they are attentive but I couldn’t get a vibe from them.  During the song I asked “Are y’all with me on this? “Are you hearing me on this?” and they all yelled back “Yeah”.  That was great, that was the first time that I was getting some crowd engagement that I wasn’t accustomed to getting.  It was a gratifying moment because you are touching people with your song and they are getting into it.

    AD:  Do you find it a challenge, now that you are a complete independent artist, to balance your work life and private life?

    Sulpacio:  It’s a little challenging because the time management is the thing you need to focus on, to shoot for.  Really it’s just more involved because I am either rehearsing or writing…there is always something to do.  I don’t have a huge team, I may have a couple of people helping the promotion and marketing side but basically it’s just me.  It’s challenging but doable because I am having fun. 

    AD:  Is there anything that you would like to share with your fans or new fans that we don’t know about you?

    Sulpacio:  Yes, one of my goals is to bring the quality back to music, back to R&B music.  You can pop in a Sulpacio Jones CD and say “hey…here we go”.  So just bring quality music back is my goal.

    You can catch Sulpacio Jones, Gwendolyn Collins, Imaani and Algebra at the upcoming MusicConnex live showcase,  on September 28th in London.  For more information, check out their web site at http://www.musicconnex.co.uk  In the meantime you check out more of Sulpacio Jones at http://sulpaciojones.com/


    Tickets to MusicConnex can be purchased by clicking here


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