Brandon Hines

Brandon Hines

    Official Biography (courtesy of Brandon Hines)

    Let the music critics tell it and they will argue that quality R&B and soul music is now a rarity. Digging deep through record collection notables like Marvin Gaye, Jodeci and Luther Vandross, it's tough to find a new artist that nestles comfortably among the greats.

    Cultivated in Motown, Brandon Hines and his refreshingly natural singing talent are campaigning for legendary status. His smooth, baritone vocals command the attention of the ladies and his relatable lyrics are magnetic for the gentlemen. Not only does he offer a soundtrack and a sexy backdrop, but Brandon Hines provides an experience. And he wants you to make love...Music that is.

    That's what Hines and his independent debut, Love Music: Fallin in Fallin Out, have been doing since 2006. Hines has a strong following among the younger crowd, but a classic appeal that transcends generations. Writing his own lyrics since he was young, Brandon Hines developed a knack for composing songs that evoke emotion. The art of storytelling mixed with his carefully placed rifts and background vocals, result in the no-holds-barred medleys that are edgy and honest.

    The bold sound that pours out of Brandon Hines is a product of passion and determination. He quelled his interest in being a musician until a tremendous response from his Howard University peers drove him to pursue his music career. In 2006, Brandon was elected "Mr. Howard University" and with a growing fan base showering him with love, He became acquainted with his sound.

    He has worked with industry power players like Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael Cox, Trey Songs, Ryan Leslie, , Troy Taylor, Mario Wynans, Day 26 and Cory Rooney to name a few. Each collaboration has been a catalyst to the other as Brandon Hines is earning his credibility and making a name for himself in the industry.

    Brandon's popularity has erupted with over 4 million Myspace song plays and 54,000 fans. He was the opening act on Estelle's 2008 "American Boy" tour hosted by John Legend and was featured on MTV's TRL as one of the hot new artists to look out for. Brandon created a direct relationship with his fans through his YouTube channel where he keeps his cult-like fan base wanting more, and his internet buzz has captured the ears of thousands overseas. Driven and dedicated to his craft, Brandon is expressing life through music. His music is just like love: once you fall in, it's hard to fall out.

    Available Music

    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"