Britney Stoney

Britney Stoney

Official Biography (courtesy of Britney Stoney)


It all started with the desire. The desire to sing and have something to say. Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist - BRITNEY STONEY, has done things her way and has managed to amass a large following in the city we call Detroit. In the few years since graduating High School , the vocalist has made it a point to be singing somewhere almost weekly ( and in some cases daily) “grinding out” and building an impressive buzz about herself. The statuesque young singer chose to not only sing but to do it organically by also playing guitar. Something she just learned to do a short two years ago. Giving her self written songs an extra amount of earnestness and descriptive flair missing in mainstream music. A throwback to the days of Tracy Chapman and Dionne Farris, STONEY has a unique vocal tone that suggest not only Soul/ Neo Soul music leanings but incorporates elements of Funk, Rock, Jazz, Pop and a bit of Reggae and even Country, making her a musical Gumbo all her own. Her Soul alternative sound attracts many to not only hear but understand & submit to her topics. She is every one of us at some point and relative to us. She has carved a path through the open mic, coffe shop, and club scenes that have led her to being an in demand performer . She has been asked to perform on Detroits biggest festival stages including 2012 editions of Arts, Beats & Eats, Winterblast, and RiverDays among others. Demonstrating the benefits of the “Blue Collar “ work ethic Detroit is known for.


In her grind mode BRITNEY STONEY , has become a kind of Underground Queen, Linking up with several of Detroit’s most talented and diverse young performers in Hip Hop as well as R&B. Reflecting the diversity that exists in not only music, but among this generation things aren’t so Black & White anymore members, patrons and supporters are from all walks of life and professions. She is a part of a movement called “the Ivy League “ who are comparable to the late 90’s legendary Philadelphia Neo Soul creators “the Soulquarians ” and Black Lily outfits boasting the Roots, Jill Scott, Bilal, and others. These young artistic individuals including bands, Atoms and Ease, Rocket(!!!)McFlyy , Mic Phelps and others who are not only singers and rappers, but the hottest and most talented musicians, poets, graffiti artists, dancers and even DJ’s from in and around Detroit, who follow and speak with their natural talent. Acceptance is merely being truthful to yourself and your talent. Their melting pot was a communal performance space/ loft called the Untitled Bottega, on Detroit’s Riverfront. Among these urban eclectic bohemian types, BRITNEY STONEY fit right in with their easy going mantra of being yourself while being young. And has the support and love of her peers which is evident at any not only STONEY performance, but any crew member affiliated gathering.


What does the future for BRITNEY STONEY bring? Music , and More!! Whether with full band or acoustically solo a BRITNEY STONEY performance is invigorating. Her personable songs and demeanor gives the audience a feeling of one with her. No walls or worship me vibes about her at all. Just good vibes and inviting grooves to go along with her humility. Just a part of what makes her such an outstanding artist. On a bill of bands or even hardcore Hip Hop crews, STONEY, guitar in hand, can saunter up to the microphone and command attention with just a strum while singing through her constant smile. Its obvious, She along with her audience is enjoying this. With all the performing, BRITNEY STONEY will put her brand of Neo Soul to the test by releasing her performance staple, a song called “REBEL” as a single in the 3rd quarter 2012. Giving supporters something to meditate on while she completes her EP and creates a website for all things STONEY.


Genre - Neo Soul/ Alternative/ Pop/ Urban/ Acoustic

Demographic - 18- 35

Comparables - Amy Winehouse, Estelle, Corrine Bailey Rae, Marsha Ambrosius, Rhianna

Avril Levine, Pink, Goapele

Influences - Tracy Chapman, Dionne Farris, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill

Booking - 313. 471. 4724

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