Brooklyn Soul Stew

Brooklyn Soul Stew

Official Biography (courtesy of Brooklyn Soul Stew)

Brooklyn Soul Stew is a nine-piece band formed in the beginning of 2010, and their home is in Gävle, Sweden. Before this fortunate constellation all the members had played in a wide variety of musical styles and settings: rock, reggae, punk, blues, jazz, etc. Brooklyn Soul Stew embody the best traditions of 60-70's Soul Music. Performing with passion and integrity they set a goal to win the hearts and souls of soul fans.

Founding members:
Per Grell, vocals
Miss Annsofie Wigert, vocals
Micke Andersson, drums
Per Lindblom, bass
Anders Lyck, guitar
S-I Sjoeberg, organ
Christofer Schultz, tenor saxophone
Yahlmar Olofsson-Tuisku, trombone
Christer"Sippe" Simonsson trumpet
Brooklyn Soul Stew carry on a legacy as one of the most recognizable and credible bands in Soul Music.  The influences range from the likes of Sam Cooke and Wilson Pickett to Clarence Carter, Etta James,STAX and Motown bands all blending into a sound that ignores the lines between soul, blues and rock'n'roll. Fronted by vocalist Per Grell, the band follows through with spontaneity, power and grit that make their live performances into experiences not to be missed.

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