Official Biography (courtesy of Cadence)

Cadence is soul music. Their sound is an extension of gospel, hip hop, blues, rock, jazz; everything that created soul and in turn that soul created. When asked to describe their sound they smile shyly hoping that their sound conveys the feelings involved in creating the music. Their records are stripped down vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Those stripped down sounds bring the listener into Cadence's world:  a bittersweet world that attempts to capture love and its elusiveness.

Shatera Anderson (vocals) grew up in the south, singing in the church; all while secretly admiring singers such as Lauryn Hill, Etta James, and Nina Simone. She honed her craft with gospel groups and studio session work.

Brandon White (song writer\guitarist) grew up in Chicago, listening to a mixture of blues, soul, and hip hop. The first time he heard Muddy Waters he immediately bought a guitar. He traveled to New York City as an aspiring musician with drum machines and a guitar strapped to his back. He traded the musician's life for graduate school and met Shatera on his first day of class. Music was their conversation and the project grew from their mutual passion.

Cadence has performed in various cities: Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Austin and New York. Since releasing Kisses Before the Sun, Cadence has began extending their fan base across the country with radio play in Los Angeles and New York.

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