Incredible Casablanca Records story remembered

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    casablanca35 years after debuting KISS to the world, Casablanca Records and the eclectic quality of its catalog have yet to be truly appreciated. The range of artists who recorded for the label is astounding. Cher, Hugh Masekela, T. Rex, Robin Williams, The Sylvers, and Captain & Tennille are but a small sampling of the different kinds of acts who passed through "the Casbah" during the era when Casablanca founder Neil Bogart presided as company president (or "sultan," in keeping with the North African theme). 

    Yet, Casablanca was far more than the sum of its most renowned acts. For every Cameo, there is a Platypus, 7th Wonder, and Smoke waiting to be (re)discovered while solo artists like Greg Perry, Jeanine Reynolds, and Lalomie Washburn remain curious foot notes in the label's history. Their music stays locked in the vault, occasionally surfacing on pricey import releases that disappear has mysteriously as they appear, yet new compilations by Parliament and Village People flood the market year after year.

    Casablanca: Play It Again traces the the rich musical legacy of a record company that was truly a trailblazer in its time. Featuring more than 50 interviews with artists and executives who ushered the label into popular music history, Casablanca: Play It Again ensures that the full gamut of the label's roster is explored. From Gloria Scott to Donna Summer, a kaleidoscopic world of music awaits your discovery as the label celebrates its 35th anniversary. Visit and take a tour with Christian John Wikane through the Casbah...

    See interview below with author Christian John Wikane