Artist Biography

Official Biography (courtesy of Chiedza)

Chiedza (pronounced Key-ed-za) is as complex as his name sounds, yet his outlook is as simple as his name meaning "bearer of light." Chiedza is a unique self-contained artist, a visionary, whose purpose in life is to create music that transcends boundaries, elevates consciousness that is love. His contributions are destined to change the music industry forever, and maybe, the world. Chiedza is a composer,writer,singer,producer and musician, who plays a variety of instruments including, piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. With an impressive catalog of many songs, Chiedza continues to write and produce powerful music that transcends all genres. Whether writing for himself, others artist, film or television. Love heals. Chiedza wants his music to be one of the tools to heal the human spirit in these crazy times. Peace is in the life.

Available Music

Album of the Month - Plunky & Oneness - "Afroclectic"
Choice Cut - Chris Jasper - "For The Love of You"
Featured Album - Jeffrey Dennis - "Lovin On You"
Featured Album - Leon Ware - "Rainbow Deux"

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