Official Biography (courtesy of CHRiS ROuSE)

    Well  known  from  domestic  to international  audiences  for  his talents as vocalist, musician, arranger  and  producer, CHRiS ROuSE now moves  from his incarnation as group member for Warner USA recording artists Othello into the solo arena. Currently strutting on the soles of his sensationally  sensual  debut EP *4~PLaY*, and  now sparked  to explode on  the scene with his sinfully seductive ,yet spiritually soothing debut  CD *AROuSAL*. Showcasing his particular  brand of SOuL, seamlessly synergizing organic new school with old school nuances. 

    " CHRiS ROuSE is one of those talents that defines  the word  ARTiST by satisfying SOuLS on His own terms rather than through some major label  off on marketing  him as they see fit ."


    "SOuL often is thought of as only one genre, but  I prefer to draw the analogy of the chameleon & the rainbow. They will always be one thing, but many  things as well, as their ability to express all colors represents." We look forward to this gifted artist securing his place in the music  industry by the rainbow of musical colors that is... CHRiS ROuSE