Christine Horn

Christine Horn

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    Christine Horn does for soul music what a hit play does for Broadway. She enriches it by expanding its boundaries. The Bronx, NY native brings theatrics to her music that's unlike any seen from today's neo-soul performers. In an age where the majority of R&B and nu-soul divas insist on giving good face as much as a good show, Horn delights in exposing audiences to an emotionally charged audio/visual performance that conjures up memories of the soul queens of the past. It is her taste for the eclectic that drives Horn both as a singer and an actress. The self-described "R&B Alternative" delivers on her music promise by giving listeners songs that run the gamut of human emotions. While effortlessly blending elements of R&B, Soul, Funk and Folk, Christine uses her versatile voice to bathe you in good music.

    The Atlanta-based actress / singer /songwriter attended Tri-Cities High School for the Visual and Performing Arts. While in high school, Horn became a major player in the Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta (YEA). Horn rapidly developed her acting skills at YEA and upon graduation, she enrolled at the American Musical Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City, where she immediately became a standout performer.

    She has performed in theatrical works presented by the Alliance Theatre Company, Actor's Express, Jomandi Productions and 7 Stages Theater, to name a few. Horn's associations in the thespian community presented her with the opportunity to hone her craft in the film world, where she has appeared in such movies as "Stay Alive, "The Killer Next Door" starring Billy Dee Williams & "Jinx'd" starring Atlanta radio personality Ryan Cameron.

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    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"