L. Michael Gipson’s Cornfed’s Corner: Dain Harris Is All Grown Up & Ready To Sang

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    Welcome to the ear of the people, the ear of soul, the Cornfed's Corner. Well, ya'll my big feet are being held to the flames and the villagers are at my door hammering the air with torches and curses. I don't know how long I got before they get past my dog, KoJak -- he eyeing the backdoor between guilty glances at his Daddy, he knows what time it is-so let me speak my peace real quick ‘fo they get in. After one too many mixed to negative reviews (Dwele,Algebra, Peter Hadar, Melissa Young, etc.), the gums is flapping and tempers is flaring about yo' boy. I swear I've been called everything but a child of God by some of these artists, managers and fan camps. But I don't even care, ya'll. Cause what I do, I do for ya'll, my Cornfed camp and SoulTracks' family.

    Folks need to understand that for me, it ain't ever personal. It's all about the music, baby. Shooooot, I was looking for that good music same as them, shame neither one of us found it on them albums. Now to help folks make informed decisions, I speak the truth about what I hear, good, bad, or indifferent. E'rybody ain't gots to agree with Cornfed. Some folks like my ear, some don't. But ain't that's what makes music interesting, ya'll? Di-ver-sity. On the real, I'm fair and generous, with 75% of my reviews hyping artists for readers (even on the mixed reviews I hype the gems). But I ain't gonna lie on my ear just to keep folks paid or to get dap from artists in public. Folks need to understand that times is hard, people ain't got time to be paying they last lil' bit for foolishness, when there's plenty of good music out here deserving of readers' coins. Folks need that music that's gonna help them get through the hard times and celebrate the good ones. If your album can't move or inspire nobody but you, yo' friends, manager and family then leave it on MySpace where folks can get it for free. Now that's my final say on the subject...cause they done got in and KoJak done beat me to the backdoor!

    To close Black Music Month out, we got the future of Black music, Dain Harris, on intimate moments on IM and 12 "new" tunes worth your gas money. I was gonna rundown the BET Awards Cornfed style, but SoulBounce beat me to it (Butta is hilarious)! Word is Trina Broussard is visitin' us next week, ya'll! ‘Til then smoke some ham hocks, swing on that porch, and get yo'self corn-fed. 

    Intimate Moment on IM: Dain Harris

    dain"Dain is someone special." I've repeatedly heard this said by industry insiders about this young blood. His sultry debut single "Open Book" has been floating around for almost a year, creating major buzz. But Dain's hardly new to the game, he's been wowing Atlanta audiences since he was 18 years old with a velvet voice uniquely his own. Now, the chile is almost grown, hitting the clubs with a new EP, "For The Moment" (a fine double-disc that includes Brandon Davis's "Acoustic Soul"), and is now ready to woo soul fans with his rich vocals and sincere delivery. Dain may still look like a boy, but what comes out of his mouth is strictly man. Cornfed Campers let's welcome Dain Harris on in here. Don't stand out there all day, chile, on in and eat! 

    CC: So, how does it feel to be one of the youngest performers on the indie circuit?

    Dain: It weird since soon I'm not gonna be.

    CC: How so?

    Dain: I'm not 18 and cute anymore. I'm almost kinda grown. dain and brandon album

    CC: Grown? Listen at cha. What are you 19, 20?

    Dain: 21! CC: Congrats to you, baby boi!

    Dain: See. It's almost over.

    CC: You're still a young star.

    Dain: I'm losing my draw.  Now, I've got [emphasis mine] to be talented.

    CC: How is that for you; no longer feeling like you have that extra benefit of adolescent cuteness to rely on?

    Dain: It just means that this dream I've had truly has to become a reality now.

    CC: I hear that. So, you're young, but your voice and material isn't; has that been deliberate on the part of you and your label?  

    Dain: It really just happened that way. Everyone I was around was doing adult music, so I fell into it.

    CC: As a musical old soul, are you concerned about missing out on the youth market-your age demo-by not performing music in line with those youth-oriented T-pain or new wave-80s sounds?

    Dain: That's actually what I'm focused on now with the material I'm doing. Locking what I feel is my true market, those 18-25. They're not so simple that they wont or don't understand what I do. It just hasn't been give to them.

    CC: What does it mean to Dain to be a 21-year old black male artist in America today, the age of both Obama and Jena 6?

    Dain: It means that anything is possible. To be accepted by anyone and everyone, or no one at all.  

    CC: Any pressure from your peers to abandon the iffy thing of music for the surer thing of college and that good gov'ment job? 

    Dain: More so they're all just ready for me to breakthrough. They believe in me and know that when the world sees it they'll get it. 

    CC: Well, right on, family! What's the biggest challenge you face right now as a young talent with a mature sound? 

    Dain: Getting people to allow me to be that...a young guy. I started in and love neo-soul, but I'm not just that.  

    CC: Alright nah, so who else is Dain, musically speaking?  

    Dain: Pop, Rock, a little Jazz in the mix too. 

    CC: Ok, so you know we want the skinny. You recently left Purpose Music Group for a different label or management situation, would you like to tell us a bit about what prompted that transition for you and what are the benefits to your current situation?

    Dain: Purpose was good, we just weren't moving forward. My manager Mike and I thought it would be best to part ways and move. With the situation I'm in now I'm not signed to anyone. Harmony in Life and I are doing this as a partnership of friends.

    CC: Okay so that's what's going on. We knew it was sumthin'. So, are you looking for a label deal now or just releasing your project on your own?  

    Dain: Building collateral. I've always thought that a major deal was in my future. It's coming.  

    CC: Okay there you go using them SAT words with the Cornfed Camp, nah, what's building collateral mean for you in the practical?  

    Dain: Lol!!! It means building my fan base so that I can approach a label and have something to bring to the table.  

    CC: Aiight now, that's betta. So, I know you've been watching the scene from the side as a developing artist for a few years, what have you seen and learned about the industry game that gives you those sleepless nights and how do you plan to avoid those pitfalls?  

    Dain: Really, I've learned more than anything else, trust me. I'm not gonna do anything I don't want to do. Luckily, what I want to do is work and make my career and music work.  

    CC: Well we already know that you're a Jack of All Trades: you write, record and perform with equal fiyah. Now is the goal world domination ala Usher or is it to have a consistent recording career as a working musician with a smaller, but committed base? 

    Dain: Both....I'll take both. 

    CC: Cheater, lol  

    Dain: It's true. I want it all and I'm gonna work for it.  

    CC: I like that hustle. How soon before the album gets released and where can fans get the EP you're about to kick us a lil knowledge about?  

    Dain: I'm working on the full album now, so soon. The EP is on CD Baby, iTunes, and soon to be on AOL Music, etc. Everyone else can get them at my shows.  

    CC: You're touring all summer with guitarist, Brandon Davis? His part of you two's double EP, Acoustic Soul, is fiyah too.

    Dain: Lol, yeah. We're pushing 1000 cds together and then separating 

    CC: That a cost-sharing move? 

    Dain: No. I won a BMI podcast last year and got a $1000 CD package. It ended up just being a good way to get our names out quick.  

    CC: Ahh, yes, smart, very smart, young man. That was nice of you to share that with Brandon too. 

    Dain: You know...I'm that kinda dude

    CC: Uh huh. Lol. So, before I let you go, did you really think I'm going to let you get away with not giving me at least one solid lesson or pitfall you're trying to avoid as a new artist? For real? Really?  

    Dain: Lol! Of the sex, drugs, and rock n roll...I'm good without the drugs. 

    CC: That was such such easy an answer. You know ain't nobody tryin' to be tootin' on that pipe after Ms. Winehouse done fell. Normally, I would git ya for that media trained answer, but I'll let u have that one. Well, our time is up. Now go wash yo' plate, boy! And bring me some Kool-Aid out the kitchen on yo' way out the door. 

    Dain: Lol! Of course. Thank you man!  

    CC: And thanks, Dain, for sharing an intimate moment on IM with Cornfed's Corner!  

    Dain: That wasn't that bad.  I was a little scared after reading Algebra's review....scathing, man! [But] I appreciate' cha for your honesty man. Lol! I'm highly entertained by it. Thanks, man!  

    CC: Thank you, Dain. You just keep inspiring my words with that good soul music, ya hear! 

    Track Love: 12 “New” EPs, Singles and Album Cuts Worth Your Gas Money



    Artist/Duo/Group Project Available To Buy? Genre(s)
    Open Book Dain Harris For The Moment Yes Acoustic Soul
    Farther Up The Road (Mick) Hucknall Tribute to Bobby Yes Soul/Blues
    Art of You Sy Smith Conflict Yes Progressive Soul
    Sobriety   Jesse Boykins III (feat. Jade Foster) Dopamine: My Life On My Back Yes Progressive Soul 
    Too Fresh Peter Hadar Well Dressed For The Art Show Yes Progressive Soul
    Mr. Mister J Davey The Beauty In Distortion EP Yes New Wave/Progressive Soul
    Open  Your Eyes Dwele Sketches Of A Man Yes Progressive Soul
    Here I Go (main) D. D. Artis D.D. Main Single My Space(Free Download) R&B
    (Holla Back)Simple Complication Algebra Purpose Yes R&B/Soul
    Don’t Make Me Beg Brandon A. Thomas(feat Chimere) A Soul Acoustic Yes Acoustic Soul
    Daydream Wayna Higher Ground Yes ProgressiveSoul
    So Deep Jennie Laws Introducing Jennie Laws Yes Soul


























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