D2D (Dare To Dream)

D2D (Dare To Dream)

Official Biography (courtesy of D2D)

"We'll Find A Way" is a song that is etched in passion. So much so that we are releasing it to the public and we hope it inspires people to find a way to rise above all their circumstances and the problems currently affecting them. The song was created in a sea of passion in about an hour by three members of the D2D Underground team. While sitting in the studio, Matthew Shell, distraught by his mother having a lump in her breast that was just biopsied, started playing his Spanish guitar unlike anything he had ever done before over an orchestration him and his mother had worked on months before. So much passion was flowing from the strings that another member Kenny McNeil was moved to write a song to capture the passion that was in the air. Kenny McNeil was so inspired that he started envisioning the song and writing the lyrics right on the spot. Feeling all this passion, another member JJ who was in the studio came up with a quote "Without pain there can be no hope." Kenny's son was in the studio at the time and JJ had the idea to have the young man say the quote. Kenny was so inspired and moved that he went into the sound booth and started singing like none of us have ever heard him before. Kenny, JJ, and Matt, members of the D2D underground family, finished the song and called Matt's mother to dedicate it to her. She was so moved that she listened to the song over and over. Then the news came the very next day (two days earlier than expected) that the lump was benign. To God be the glory. To all of our fans and friends, we hope this song will inspire you to find a way to rise above all your pain, fears, and problems. The world is hurting but we will find a way to hope.

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