Dayna Lynn

Dayna Lynn

Official Biography (courtesy of Dayna Lynn)

The delivery of the quintessential artist: the message, the music, the voice …

The facile melodic lines she weaves are enough to make anyone a believer. So, if you think you’ve made up your mind about jazz, hold the verdict because the jury’s still out. Dayna Lynn is cultivating this American art form for the 21st century by bridging the gap between generations of music and music lovers.

Both contemporary and classic, Dayna Lynn’s music is called Progressive Soul-Jazz: where lush harmonies make a bed for sweetly danced melodies. She has the heart of soul music and the mind of jazz to make for consummately composed masterpieces where she is both writer and arranger.

Dayna Lynn’s current release, “The Call” (June 2010), is fresh and timeless. The music is familiar yet, unmistakably unique. The title track was written in 2005 and inspired by the violence and ongoing crisis in Darfur, Sudan. However, it is an anthem for peace everywhere and a herald to all people: I'm answering The Call. Are you?

The album is full of soulful grooves and jazz-laced classic songs that seek to galvanize and empower the spirit in us all.

A graduate of Chicago’s premiere fine arts high school, The Chicago Academy for the Arts, Dayna Lynn is a singer, songwriter, pianist and flautist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in vocal jazz from Webster University in St. Louis. She has music directed and composed/arranged music for several musical theatre productions including Congo Square Theatre’s Black Nativity (adapted by Mike Malone) and Ifa Bayeza’s The Adventures Kid Zero.

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