Official Biography (courtesy of Deeyana) 

    Deeyana is a British singer, songwriter and a saxophonist. She was born in the Mediterranean, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Deeyana's family is very musical and she began her training at the age of 5, following in her father's footsteps. She is a multi-instrumentalist and a singer with over 4 octaves range, which has drawn comparisons to Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Evanescence.

    She started her professional music career at the age of just 15 and in a short period of time generated substantial interest from press and record labels. Deeyana also collaborated with famous Serbian composer Milutin Popovic - Zahar.

    To further highlight her wide range of talents, Deeyana is a noted session musician and can often be found playing saxophone at Hed Kandi official nights, travelling all around the world with their DJs. She is able to improvise to any track that a DJ might play.

    She has spent the last 2 years writing songs for her forthcoming album "LIVING THE DREAM", including the first single "KEEP PUSHING ON" which was produced by American A-list producer VADA NOBLES. He wrote and produced Rihanna's "PON DE REPLAY" which propelled Rihanna onto the mainstream music scene. Vada Nobles has also worked with Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin and many others.

    Deeyana spent her teenage years going through the pain and heartache of losing close friends and relatives to a war, which engulfed Serbia. This traumatic experience often contributes to the emotions in Deeyana's songs.

    "I always put my heart and soul into my music. I'm involved in every aspect of it's creation" - Deeyana