Demond Stylz

Demond Stylz

Official Biography (courtesy of Demond Stylz)

A Super Star born on the westside of Chicago, from the projects to the two flat apartments. Coming from a singing mother and aunts who were in a group in their day, Demond Stylz began singing as a child being brought up around the sounds of gospel and R&B. Once Demond\'s mother realized her baby boy had the voice and talent of his gifted family, she began putting him in talent shows and showcases. Still growing into his gift, he began writing songs and recording demo\'s. At 15 years old he began singing back ground for many Chicago Artist\'s, such as David Hollister, (Blackstreet). He also sang in a gospel choir called \"The Voices Of Great Faith\" whom he was with for 4 years. The choir won various gospel competitions and also got a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform with BadBoy CEO P. Diddy, at the AllState Arena. Still searching for a big break, Demond began auditioning for his chance at stardom, when he crossed paths with Jive Records recording artist Syleena Johnson.

Demond auditioned for her during her 2nd album called \"The Voice\". During that time Syleena also helped her protege grow into a well balanced artist. In vocal, lyrical, and production talent. Singing background for Jive Records allowed Demond an opportunity to meet other recording artists like, Kelly Price, Destiney\'s Child, Kanye West, Floetry, Anthony Hamilton, and R. Kelly. Demond Stylz has struggled through his great journey for stardom and will continue his fight to be recognized and heard, because his destiny is to give a soulful testimony to the songs.

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