Denise Tichenor

Denise Tichenor

    Born in Indianapolis, Denise Tichenor grew up one of eight children of a church pastor who, along with her mother, instilled deep values in serving God and in family togetherness that continue to this day. 

    As a young girl, Denise never thought of herself as "the singer" in the family.  She had plenty of competition among her siblings, so she focused on several other hobbies and pastimes including track and field, reading and drawing. 

    At the urging of her high school choir director, Denise began to find her footing in music.  She sang lead in a performance and was surprised at the reactions she garnered.  Her mother's tearful response and feeling that God had blessed Denise with a gift motivated her to start ministering to people through music. 

    Throughout college, Denise continued to receive recognition for her vocal talent, and eventually took part in the national tour of "Momma Don't".  From there, Denise's career soared to a national level.  She is now in demand for gospel recordings and concerts alongside other nationally known gospel singers.  Denise uses her personal experiences to touch her audience, sharing with others who have experienced personal losses in their lives.  Denise says the deaths of her parents, a brother and a sister have made her more sensitive to living life with passion and sharing that philosophy with others. 

    Denise delivers a powerful vocal performance on the song "I Bow Down" featured on the CD release The New Soul (Various Artists).