Dexter Myers

Dexter Myers

Official Biography (courtesy of Dexter Myers)

It's a smooth silky vocal performance flowing effortlessly over lush and soulful music.  It's artistic songwriting complimented by his self-described ‘Eclectic Soul'. It's like Maxwell but more pop.  Like Seal with a more soulful edge.  Like Lenny Kravitz but more urban.  Step outside the box and taste the distinct flavor of Dexter Myers...

Dexter is celebrating 10 successful years in the hard-knock indie music industry with his 5th CD, "Soul Divo - The Collection.  "Six Dimensions" was the start of his Indie-Soul revolution and a natural progression for Dexter after years of classical & Jazz training.  "Soul Divo" is a collection of Dexter's best songs including those that propelled him to the top of Internet radio charts and earned national airplay on Music Choice and placement in independent films.

Upon graduating from Howard University, Dexter found himself on the road less traveled.  There was family pressure to become the first lawyer and a stint in Corporate America.  However, music was always his constant craving.  "My dad always tried to persuade me to become a lawyer and ‘write my own ticket'.  I worked for a law firm for six months and it was like dying a slow death."  Although a career in Advertising was a better match, it was launching an independent record label that was a life altering moment.  "I couldn't get an acceptable record deal so I had no choice but to do it myself.  Now I have total creative freedom and I have the final word when it comes to managing my music career."

By embracing the digital music revolution back in 1998, Dexter has secured a place in music history as a pioneer of the Indie Soul industry.  It is this very choice that enables him to continue selling CD's and downloads to a growing global fan base.  "It's an amazing feeling when people all over the world surf onto my sites and share their experiences and thoughts about my music.  It really validates my decision to follow my own path come what may."  With a growing buzz and infinite possibilities, Dexter will continue to soar...

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