Dexter Myers - Soul Divo - The Collection (2009)

Dexter Myers
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It is sometimes hard to fathom Dexter Myers has spent a full decade and four CDs as a truly underground, independent smooth soul stylist.  I suppose that his against-the-odds longevity is what he had in mind when entitling his latest release, Soul Divo - The Collection.  Since his debut Six Dimensions in 1998, this New York based singer/songwriter has blended R&B, rock, funk, jazz and dance beats into an eclectic soulful package, all on his own terms without any major label exposure.    

Piecing together Myers' internet radio and global hits from his discography, Soul Divo is a decent representation of his musical diversity, aided by the compilation's fresh production help from Steve Wallace.  Even though Myers' vocals are not quite on par with top indie soul artists like Eric Roberson and Heston, Soul Divo delivers a few juicy soul morsels.  And his musicality and creative drive should produce another ten years in the gas tank to keep his devoted underground fans satisfied.   

Notable Tracks:  Ask Me, The One, Crush, Foolish Pride

Vocals:  2.0 stars
Lyrics: 2.0 stars
Music:  3.0 stars
Production: 2.5 stars
Soul Tracks Call:  Mildly Recommended

By Peggy Oliver


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