Indonesian-born singer Dira began singing in her native country as a child, winning her first major prize before her 10th birthday.  She began taking formal singing lessons after high school, and graduated from Pelita Harapan.  After her 2006 graduation she began performing with many local groups as well as with visiting artists such as Incognito and the Yellowjackets.  Incognito leader Bluey took an interest in her and became the producer of Dira's first album, Something About the Girl, released in early 2010 on Expansion Records.

By Chris Rizik

Available Music

Featured Album - The Fatback Band - "Funk'n Xmas Up!!"
Album of the Month - Samuel Archer - "Soul Music Vineyard"
Choice Cut - BluDazz feat. Michael J. Calhoun - "Chillax"
Song of the Month - Ty Causey - "Contagious"

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