Divine Voices of Praise

Divine Voices of Praise

    Official Biography (courtesy of Divine Voices of Praise)  

    The Divine Voices of Praise, composites the entire music ministry of Ark Church, in Baltimore, Maryland, where Dr. J. L. Carter is Pastor. Under the direction of Minister of Music, Marcus D. Smith, this family of choir participants encompasses members age 14 and older. Marcus D. Smith is an accomplished, award-winning musician who is nationally recognized for his talent, as well as his ability to train and teach music. Mr. Smith and Pastor Carter both believe that music is the key to softening the heart of the listener, to enable him/her experience the presence of God in a more profound way. They both share the same vision for the Music Ministry at Ark Church.

    The Divine Voices of Praise has been recognized throughout Baltimore City and throughout the state of Maryland as a choir capable of delivering God's message through song, with a rich sound and vibrant harmonies. The choir was honored to participate and win monetary honors in the 2006 and the 2008 Unisun Gospel Celebration sponsored by the Baltimore Sun. They also participated successfully in the 2008 How Sweet the Sound Competition, sponsored by Verizon Inc.

    The Divine Voices of Praise's first Live CD, "Be Still and Know" was released on March 20, 2009. This CD is just one of several projects expected from this great choir in the years to come. Sincere, dedicated, and fearing the Lord in all things, this choir is designed to be all that God requires them to be. They are truly a choir, "Pressing for the Mark of a high Calling, which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord."

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