Official biography (courtesy of Dreemtime)

    Bringing " New York Lounge Funk" to the scene, Dreemtime fuses funk, soul, and lounge to take you on a musical journey. Their music has heart, energy and most of all leaves you feeling good. The various nuances of their music will make you want to dance at times and can make you feel like you are in the back of a lounge with a nice glass of wine at other times, but will always leave you wanting more.

    Dreemtime is comprised of Klive D'Farley and Anise White. Their mix of different ethnicities and backgrounds brings the world to their music. Their musical influences are numerous, but the sound is all their own. Dreemtime's music will have an impact on anyone who listens.

    Klive, born in China and of British descent, is a self taught musician, who plays bass, guitar, piano and percussions.  One of his first major musical influences came in early childhood, when he would visit Rolling Stones bass player, Bill Wyman's home. Being able to play the pipe organ in Wyman's castle, lit the fire for Klive's musical aspirations.

    Anise, originally from St. Louis , MO , is a formally trained singer and songwriter. She started vocal training at the tender age of 8 years old and has studied for many years. She has performed all across the U.S. and abroad and has been featured on various radio stations, television shows and nightclubs.

    Dreemtime has been described as a mixture of Incognito and Jamiroquai with Sade thrown in for good measure. To do their music true justice, one only needs to listen to come to their own conclusions. They coined the phrase, " New York Lounge Funk" to describe their sound and when you hear their sweet groove, you can understand why.

    Dreemtime's music has been played on radio stations around the world, from London to Tokyo to New Zealand . Their latest album, " New York Lounge Funk," has already received rave reviews in Europe and is currently in rotation on Solarradio.com with Phil Driver. The album was mixed and co-produced by "Bassy" Bob Brockman, who was worked with the likes of Sade, Herbie Hancock, Chistina Aguillera and a host of others. " New York Lounge Funk" is set to become an instant classic.

    Once you allow Dreemtime to take you away to a place where your spirits can be lifted, your feet will move and your heart will be opened. Theirs is a sound that makes you feel good, but will also inspire you with their lyrical delivery, melodious harmonies and creative instrumentation. Sit back and enjoy the musical ride.

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