EarthTone Lyrix

EarthTone Lyrix

    Official Biography (courtesy of Earthtone Lyrix)

    EarthTone LYRIX is the closest you will get to earth while still being in the air with lyrix to meditate on. She would rather consider her music an evolving genre within itself, but most of her fans love the Neo-Soul/Jazz feeling that they receive. EarthTone was born in Fort Lauderdale , Florida October 4th, 1989 then later raised in Stone Mountain , Georgia . She started singing at the age of three she started writing and composing her own music at the age of 18 in 2008. Earth is merely musically inclined; she taught herself how to play the Guitar and Piano and is still learning more instruments. Her mind is always on the hunt for new ideas when it comes to writing and learning something new.

    Earthtone is an alumni of Tucker High School , in Tucker, Ga. She has attended Darton College in Albany , Ga. where she joined the choir and engaged in many musical events. She is a recent transfer student to Albany State University , Albany , Ga. where the students and staff welcomed her musical abilities with open arms. EarthTone started performing her original music on ASUs stage in talent shows earning gigs around the city from the exposure. She decided to take a break from school to feed her hunger for music for the summer in 2010. She then moved home to Atlanta , GA , to see if this could be a promising opportunity. With a fresh start in a new city for her music, she entered into shows around the city receiving the most positive feedback possible. She has the patience to prove that talent isn't about looks or even the clothes u wear. With the patience being the virtue she was featured on the #1 radio station by one of the hottest dj personalities in Atlanta Dj Gregg Street on the Frank and Wanda morning show. Creating great responses, more exposure and earning more opportunities

    EarthTone currently performs in showcases across the north and southeast areas of the United States , building a long lasting fan base; she aspires to be recognized worldwide. Earths purpose in music is to encourage people through her words as well as raise frequencies and keep positive vibrations at an all time high. Her music is currently being hosted on many websites including I-tunes,, rhapsody and her own website http:// just to name a few. She is currently working on new tunes for her fans, who she calls her friends, as well as keeping her writing style in full effect. She is a dedicated writer and has aspirations on working with the greatest in the industry.

    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"