Easy Evans

Easy Evans

    Official Biography (courtesy of Easy Evans)

    During a time when enthusiasts are longing for good music, along comes a fresh new face with a familiar sound proving that soul music still lives. Easy Evans who was born in Peoria, Illinois but planted his roots in Washington DC over 6 years ago has absolutely no problem taking on the task of soul music's newest savoir.

    Easy Evans has undoubtedly inherited the soul, and prowess of his musical influences ranging from James Ingram to Al Green.  "I was 4 years old listening to Al Green's music singing along to "Love and Happiness."   Evans' story starts many years ago just like many soul singers that preceded him, in the church. "My grandmother used to sing gospel music around town with her band. I played the tambourine." Evans' musical gifts do not start and end with just his melodic soothing vocal ability, but his talent at playing the drums as well as the piano by ear makes him a soulful threat. "My range, the instrumentation in my music and [the fact that] I write my own songs makes me different from anyone out right now."

    Evans allowed his love of music to take a back seat for a while as he focused on education.  After attending several different colleges in the Illinois area, Evans graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Information Technology.   Now ready to see his dream come to fruition, Evans has taken the initial steps to make it all happen.  Although some artists see the bright lights of major labels, Evans envisions an early career of independence. As an up and coming artist, Easy Evans has dedicated his time, money and energy into personally building his name within the music industry.  Competing in talent shows across the DC and Baltimore area for the past few years, Evans has been working hard honing his vocal skills and stage presence.  His debut EP aptly called At Ease is scheduled for a tentative release of June 2010.  "People gain more when things are positive experiences, I drew my concept for the title around that."

    And with a moniker like Easy Evans you can already get a sense of what's to come musically, an old school sound with a modern feel that's meant to leave the listener in a state of relaxation.  "A close friend of mine came up with that nickname for me. He would always say I'm so easy going. A lot of people would tell me that growing up so it sort of stuck." 

    Artist have come and gone in what can be accurately described as a fickle music industry.  But soul music is one genre that has a lasting affect on all it touches.  And with the rebirth of "real" music slowly reemerging, Easy Evans is geared up to save the day.


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