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"One vision, one passion, and one love", is the the foundation of the soul-stirring group called "Eclectik Soul". This Mississippi-based band is quickly gaining momentum across the globe. In 2007, Eclectik Soul created a fusion of Jazz, R & B, and Neo-Soul sounds that have given "soul music" a new appeal. These three dynamic musicians are Tawanna Shaunte' Chapman (lead vocalist a.k.a. "The Messenger"), Gregory Stewart (drummer/ background vocalist a.k.a. "Junkyard Drummer"), and Symeon Robins (keyboardist a.k.a. "Jazz"). Their debut album self-titled "Eclectik Soul: Eclectik Soul" (2008) includes 18 original tracks that can easily be compared to the soothing sounds of Nina Simone, Lauren Hill, and a hint of "The Brand New Heavies".

Coming from different backgrounds, each member had the same passion for music at early ages. Even though Shaunte' was born in the "small" town of Florence, MS, she had a "big" voice as a child and continues to captivate listeners today. Her masterful songwriting skills and vocals are truly gifts by spiritual intervention. At the age of three, Greg learned to create a variety of rhythms with his mom's pots and pans on the kitchen floor. He exhibits power and skill that reflects 27 years of drum/ percussion experience. His love for music led him to pursue a degree in Music Performance at Jackson State University (Jackson, MS). Symeon's inspiration and musical influence came from a very spiritual mother who is also gifted on the "keys". As a graduate of Jackson State University (Jackson, MS), Symeon's many years of classical, jazz, and gospel training add an array of colorful melodies to the "Eclectik Soul" sound.

Individually, they have performed for various artists such as Kelly Price, Tremaine Hawkins, Richard Smallwood, David Banner, Neal Roberson, and Daryl Coley. Together, their performances include the Governor's Grammy Awards (Jackson, MS), local political campaigns, and Neo-Soul venues in LA (New Orleans), GA (Atlanta), and New York. In July of 2008, they also ignited the stage as they opened for Neo-Soul artist "Dwele" at his debut album release party (Jackson, MS). The world has definitely taken notice of "Eclectik Soul" by the evidence of hundreds of CD sales in the US and other countries (London, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan). They have been popular guests of 97.7 WRBJ (Jackson, MS) with live radio interviews and the addition of several songs from their album into WRBJ's regular rotation. Nothing sums up the mission and goal of this dedicated band other than a few lyrics from their song, "Time" which states, "I know that we will have no limits to what we can do, lights shining so bright, that it will take sunglasses to see." "There will be bumps and bruises, but it's okay, just realize that we are human, and we can make it." -Eclectik Soul

Available Music

Featured Album - Leon Ware - "Rainbow Deux"
Featured Album - David Porter - The Classics
Album of the Month - Cool Million - "Stronger"
Song of the Month - Ascendant - "Gotta Get Up"

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