Emanuel Gibson

Emanuel Gibson

    Official Biography (courtesy of Emanuel Gibson)

    Emanuel Gibson is an American singer-songwriter, rock and blues musician who hails from Brooklyn, New York and has been performing in support of his recently released EP, Lover's Lane, a record that has garnered raves.

    Although it has been a task juggling his music with his career, Gibson continued performing alongside local artists, soaking in the live music scene that was flourishing in his hometown of New York City. After several ventures and flirting with the idea of moving to Los Angeles, CA, where he independently played at popular venues. Missing the aggression and persistence of New York and soon headed back. Upon his return he formed a band, "Emanuel Gibson & The Color Green" which allowed him to book more notable venues where he met artists who informally introduced him to the blues rock sound that he has adopted. Gibson fell in love with the sound so he therefore sought to develop and adopt that style.

    Gibson spent months developing a sound that he felt he could enjoy playing. He credits his major musical influences to Bob Dylan, George Harisson and Jimi Hendrix. Despite the music being an influence, the most impactful influence on Gibson's music has been Edgar Allan Poe.

    "I have been a fan of Poe since my third grade teacher read a snippet from The Raven to my class. I became so thrilled with the art of rhyming words and creating a story out of it. I purchased The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe and read it endlessly. I have many morbid/dark songs. He was most notable for being that of a morbid/dark poet, short-story and essayist; I would have loved to have met Poe."