Felicia  will soothe your soul with her sweet yet powerful voice, then move you to the dance floor with her edgy, energetic and fun futuristic Hip-Pop. 

    When you first hear Felicia’s music you will fall in love with her vibe and presence.  Not only do the words give you a message but her raw emotion and genuine passion will definitely touch your spirit.

    Felicia sings from the heart but also writes from deep down in a place of pure truth. 

    While she grew up on Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey, her sound innovates like Neyo and Beyonce.  To top it off, she incorporates the cosmopolitan sensibilities of an educated & bilingual woman to create an urban aesthetic that’s anything but around the way.  There’s every day and then there’s exceptional. Felicia’s fans know the difference and that’s why they can’t get enough of this 21st century entertainer.

    Since she exploded on the scene, Felicia has been recognized by the likes of Seventeen Magazine, Atlantic Records and many well-known producers as a rising star.  After performing to the delight of her audiences on countless stages across the globe, Felicia is ready to share a new body of work that is sure to excite and intoxicate.

    Felicia has incredible material on her debut CD. Her super Ballad “My Heart” will stir your emotions with every note, while her head bopping hand clapping, sassy song “Hell to the No” will have you running straight to the dance floor.  Her mellow tune “Get Away” will take you on a vacation in your mind. Still, the true magic is her live performance; it is that of a seasoned veteran.  Rarely do you see a young talent so experienced and comfortable on stage. Felicia not only commands her audience’s attention but leaves them asking for more due to the fact that when she touches the microphone and sings the first note, all their expectations are fulfilled.  Felicia is surely in her element when she hits any stage. 

    Prepare yourself for an exciting ride of true talent, excellence and longevity.

    When asked "Who do you compare yourself to?"  Felicia flashes her winning smile and simply states: “I Just Want To Be Fe.

    Available Music