First Listen: Andre Henry cherishes "Roses While We're Young"

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    We introduced SoulTrackers to singer-songwriter Andre Henry a couple years ago and you all responded to his expressive, honest music.

    Andre is now back with the music video for his new single “Roses While We’re Young”, directed by Eric “Shabazz” Larkin of the Creative School of Thought. “Roses” is a poignant love poem conveying the urgency of saying “I love you”, set to stunning slow-motion portraits of some of Andre’s most loyal fans and supporters—including a cameo from the song’s producer Kieran Kelly and legendary singer-songwriter Valerie Simpson.

    ‘Roses’ was originally intended to be a track on a fan-inspired project about the end of the world. In late 2012, amid the buzz about Mayan apocalyptic prophecies, Andre took to Facebook looking for inspiration. “Suppose the world were really going to end this year,” he posted in a status to his fans, “what kinds of songs would you want on your playlist?” One comment simply read, “Write a letter to the person who impacted your life the most.” Andre chose to write about his friends, fans, and family, and thus this song was born. 

    It's a very nice song and our newest SoulTracks First Look. Check it out and tell us what you think!

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