First Listen: The Charles Walker band says you've "Got Me Sangin'"

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    Grounded in blues, the Charles Walker Band has refined their sound into what can best be described as soul, a fusion of funk, r&b and Motown.  They have been compared to a wide array of musicians (Sly and the Family Stone, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelics, James Brown), but their music retains deep gospel influences and positive lyrical messages.

    We introduced the band to SoulTrackers last year and are glad to hear that they have a new EP, Ghetto Prophet, out now. The single from the album is "Got Me Sangin," an upbeat song with a throwback rock cum R&B sound. Says the band: The first idea of the song came from the producer of the album, Eric Hester, who played an idea on his guitar.  Charles listened to it and went to the keyboard and rearranged the chords and the feel of the song.  Next he played it for the lead singer, Porsche, and she said, "Wait I hear something" and then she started singing the "Do do dot do" hook of the song.  Charles said, "Wow, that got you singin quick" and the song was born.  Of course, there was a ton of work that went into it after that, but this was the origin of the song.

    We think you'll really like this one. Check out "Got Me Sangin'." It our newest SoulTracks First Listen.