First Listen: Crissi Cochrane still wants to "Move"

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    Since leaving Halifax as a folk/pop singer in 2010, Windsor Ontario-based songwriter Crissi Cochrane has found her soul, writing and living in the hot sun across the river from the soul music capital of Detroit. Colours of Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse pair with Cochrane's ambitious musicianship in a journey through contemporary popular music, Canadian indie, and American jazz and blues. Her works echo the classic languages of jazz, blues, bossa, and soul, backed with solid rhythm & groove from the Soul Brothers, bassist Mike Hargreaves and drummer Stefan Cvetkovic (both of Motown/rock trio The Walkervilles).

    Crissi has a new album out called Little Sway, and the sounds are a tasty mix of pop and soul, exemplified on her new single, "And Still We Move."  She described it this way:

    This track tells the true story of Ann Druyan falling in love with Carl Sagan, while working together on the Golden Records that were sent into space on the Voyager probes in 1977. On the records, she included a personal meditation on the history of man and the history of ideas, and she added a personal appeal for "the wonder of love, and of being in love." You can hear her tell the full story on Radiolab, Season 2, Episode 5.

    Ann spoke universally for love, on behalf of us all, and those golden records will speak love for a thousand million years, until mountains crash into the sea and all the books go to rot and the tides wash away everything that has ever been. One day, it might be the only artefact of our spirituality, our art, and our love. To me, it will always be one of the greatest love stories of our time. I think of it often, when I get caught in the undertow. Love is the only thing that raises me from the dark.

    That's a great summary of a song we continue to enjoy more and more. It is our newest SoulTracks First Listen, so check it out below and tell us what you think of Crissi Cochrane!

    Crissi Cochrane - And Still We Move