First Look: Derrick "Doc" Pearson pays tribute to Al Johnson on "Please Don't Cry"

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    Al Johnson was one of the all-time soul greats. First as a member of the great Unifics and then as a solo artist, songwriter and producer, Johnson was the pride of DC and an extremely underrated, talented man. (See our death notice of Al)

    When Al died last October, he left a big hole in the hearts of soul music fans as well as in the heart of his good friend, songwriter, musician and producer Derrick “Doc” Pearson.  

    Pearson pays homage to Al Johnson’s life with the new release, It’s Alright, and the appropriately titled first single, “Please Don’t Cry.” Check out the video, which features Al Johnson, below. 

    Derrick "Doc" Pearson feat. Al Johnson
    "Please Don't Cry"


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