World Premiere First Listen: Drew Schultz says "So Long" with Thornetta and Buddy

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    Last year we introduced SoulTrackers to Drew Schultz, a young drummer, writer and producer who has worked with many of the past Motown greats and has made it his goal to help music programs in the Detroit schools. And he's made an impression on a lot of people with his debut album, Back to School.

    "So Long" is the next entry in Drew's Back To Class series of singles, with 50% of profits benefiting the music programs of the Detroit Public Schools. The song is a bit of a departure for the project, which has so far focused on recapturing the essence of classic soul and R&B. This new entry falls into more of an acoustic blues vein, with minimalist arranging and a focus placed on the plaintive vocals of special guests Buddy Smith and Thornetta Davis. While many of the previous entries in the series had lush arrangements with grandiose rhythm section and horn parts, "So Long" is a much more laid back song with lots of space for the singers to shine. Both guests are Motor City legends in their own right with Buddy Smith's 1967 single "When You Lose The One You Love" establishing him in the Northern Soul scene, and Thornetta Davis' powerful voice being heard alongside artists including Bob Seger, Alberta Adams, and Kid Rock.

    We're presenting the World Premiere of "So Long" as our newest SoulTracks First Listen. Check it out below and tell us what you think!

    Drew Schultz feat. Buddy Smith and Thornetta Davis
    "So Long"



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