First Listen: Gene Noble Is Trying To Make You “Aware”

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    Lots of young male R&B artists are dismissed as cookie cutters of the uber-successful Chris Brown and Trey Songz, but there are those out here who are working hard to break those over-baked molds. On his debut, Rebirth of Gene, the independent New York City based singer/songwriter, Gene Noble, is definitely one of the unexpected discoveries of 2014. Some gratuitous profanity here and there aside, Noble’s soulful debut has several gems worth reviewing, including the harmonically devastating political jam, “Lies,” the feel good brightness that is “HideAway,” and the sweeping power ballad, “Wherever You Are.” As strong as his natural singing voice is, Noble’s melisma rich falsetto is that much more awe-inspiring. See it on fine display below, from Gene Noble’s brand new single, “Aware” and give this original young brother a chance to show you that much more of what he knows.

    By L. Michael Gipson




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